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A food and beverage marketing agency for growth-minded brands.

Food brand marketing to support sales in every channel.

The U.S. Census Bureau reported U.S. retail and food services sales estimates through Q3 2021 were $638.2 billion (adjusted for seasonal variation and holiday and trading-day differences, but not for price changes). This represents an increase of 16.3 percent in Q3 2020.

Add exploding e-commerce food sales—standing at $18.7 billion in 2021 and projected to grow to $25.7 billion by 2025, and the question becomes:

How does the smart food brand take
advantage of this growth?

Food marketing is an important part of this story.

Food marketing is about more than brand building; it’s about creating a stronger connection between shoppers and your brands. Food marketing should help build consumer engagement with your brand by developing compelling content that your audience cares about. All while facilitating shopper discovery and building loyalty to purchase. This is accomplished through understanding the role food plays in the modern consumer’s life, harnessing the power of food to build brands, and creating messages and stories that resonate with today’s shoppers.

Our philosophy is simple yet remarkably effective:
Focus on marketing to support sales.

NewPoint delivers world-class food and beverage marketing agency strategy and creativity. However, we would not have clients if we did not deliver marketing to support sales and grow market share. NewPoint Marketing is a full-service marketing agency specializing in the food and beverage industry with one goal: Move Your Brand Up the Food Chain.

Marketing plays a crucial role in your brand’s growth. NewPoint’s expertise extends to all your company’s sales channels—not just the highly visible CPG—and look to be a good partner in developing strategies to increase your market share everywhere you sell. This translates to trade sales and B2B marketing support for retail, foodservice, hospitality, private label, institutional, and meal kits.

Ask about our food and beverage marketing agency:

  • Proven, time-tested marketing strategies to increase your brand’s market share, build brand equity and improve profitability for food and beverage brands
  • Approach to Amazon, eCommerce sales growth
  • NewPoint’s Budget reporting, as well as our proprietary digital analytics platform (complete with an Executive Dashboard) to facilitate communication of your brand’s digital ad spends, social media, website, etc., to your entire team.

Get on the shelf, on the menu, and in the  meal kit?

Food brands with a (marketing) plan.

NewPoint Marketing is the food and beverage marketing agency for two #1 food industry brands and over a dozen other food brands that are “punching above their weight” in terms of market impact. While we are happy to discuss your project, developing and driving fully integrated annualized marketing plans for our client base keeps the NewPoint team focused on growth for our clients.

Food and beverage marketing agency success … measured in decades.

NewPoint is your food and beverage marketing agency partner for the long haul. Our core client base surpasses a dozen years of partnership. We attribute this to our simple yet effective philosophy (once again): Focus on marketing to support sales.

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