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Making Pigs Fly

When Indiana Packers, after decades of credibility as a premium pork supplier, was ready to launch its own consumer brand, it partnered with NewPoint. The result was a highly focused, carefully scaled marketing campaign that used the allure of bacon and the art of pull-thru to increase store placement and, then, cross sell a full pork line. Today, Indiana Kitchen® is a household name across the Midwest—and growing.


Food Retailer 401

Getting on the shelf or on the menu is about much more than your conventional product-quality evaluation. Gain a deeper insight into the environmental, animal welfare, food traceability and other standards retailers now hold. More importantly, learn how you can market your QC strengths to meet those standards.


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“We have an abundance of talent within our department capable of executing a marketing plan. What we needed was an outside perspective to set the course. NewPoint was the one brand expert who could really speak our language and focus our message.”

—Dr. Jay Akridge, Ph.D. | Dean of Agriculture, Purdue University