2019 National Restaurant Association: Hot Food Trend Alert

Hot Food Trend: Plant-Based Proteins

The most disruptive hot food trend I saw at the NRA (National Restaurant Association) in Chicago had to be meat substitutes and plant-based proteins.

The lines were long for samples and access to speak to a sales or brand representative.  information.

The plant-based protein craze starting at the top with new (Burger) King Impossible Foods and working down through Beyond Meat, Uncut and Sol Cuisine even extend past beef into seafood with Ocean Hugger Foods.

Uncut, by Before the Butcher features burger, chicken burger, roasted turkey burger and a breakfast sausage patty.
Beyond Meat with product lines featuring burger, beef crumbles and sausage has enlisted basketball star and notable “flat-earther” Kyrie Irving as a spokesperson.
Sol Cusine has a huge portfolio of products including Portobello Mushroom & Quinoa Burger, Beet Burger, Spicy Black Bean Burger, Lemon Dill Salm’n Burger, Chickpea Sweet Potato Burger, Sprouted Quinoa Chia Burger, Mushroom & Wild Rice Burger as well as sausage and other protein substitute items.
Ocean Hugger has developed a plant-based alternative to raw tuna called Ahimi
It’s impossible to avoid hearing about Impossible Foods as they move to the front of the plant-based burger revolution.

A robo-trend on the rise?

The future is not all soybean and plant-based food options.  In a world where self-driving cars are evolving into reality, how long before servers are replaced by robots?