6 Keys of Food Brand E-commerce Optimization

Leverage Online Sales Opportunity: Food Brand E-commerce Optimization 

Food Brand E-commerce Optimization is key Growing Shopping Experience

There is no better time to launch a food brand to add e-commerce & an online storefront to their website.

The 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic impact: Online grocery sales reached $5.30 billion in April, beating a record of $4.00 billion in March. 69% of Americans are shopping online. This is expected to rise 91% or to 300 Million Americans by 2023.Food Brand E-commerce Optimization

Goal: Food Brand e-commerce optimization of the pricing and shopping experience. Facilitate sales conversion and order fulfillment.

NewPoint Process & Deliverables:

NewPoint recommends a review & update program at least once a quarter.

  1. Keywords (Core SEO Tool): Know your key audience and what they are typing when searching for food products in your category. Get tight on your offering. Unless you are Oreo or Nabisco, don’t try to rank for “cookies.” If you sell vegan, Keto, small-batch, cocktail cookies, look for who you are competing against. Review your competition data from competitive analysis to identify the top desired keywords and start the continuous process of using those keywords and climbing the ranks by leveraging content strategies.  (Quarterly check)
  2. Content Strategy: Develop a content strategy for your e-commerce site rank for desired consumer searches. It takes work and dedication to regularly post blogs, recipes, videos, etc., highlighting the keywords you want to rank for. This is a discipline that is important to help rank. (post bi-weekly posting with limited keywords)
  3. Pricing: We all do it: Leave a non-Amazon online shopping experience when we see how much shipping adds to the cost. NewPoint has a process to analyze shipping options (and partnerships) and cost-of-goods and make recommendations for pricing and optimal sales margins. (quarterly review)
  4. User Interface (UX): How accurate is your “Process Bar? There are a lot of seasoned online shoppers that can spot sites with a “rookie” shopping experience. NewPoint makes recommendations for navigation and user flow to align with best online shopping practices. (quarterly review)
  5. Abandoned Cart Emails: We all get these when we leave a web store with a full cart. On one client site that NewPoint reviewed, we saw there was over $300,000 in abandoned cart lost sales opportunity in just a year. How much would you pay to get half that business converted? Create abandoned cart emails aligned with your food brand voice & tone to strike a call-to-action and motivate the customer to complete the order? (bi-monthly review)
  6. Analytics: Install Google Analytics to track traffic, pages and search recommendations. make adjustments to content accordingly. (quarterly review)

Keep Improving Food Brand E-commerce Optimization

Each of the 6 keys of food brand e-commerce optimization—from SEO to UX to abandoned shopping cart emails—is a continuous improvement process much like marketing. First, they have to find your brand; then they have to be enticed to buy it. The discipline and focus are required often rewarded with higher visibility and increased sales.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about food brand e-commerce optimization for your site or about NewPoint, please reach out to the NewPoint team — interested in food marketing topics? Please visit our “Intel” page or check out my book: Moving Your Brand Up the Food Chain.