An Epic Retail Food Brand Growth Story: Stonyfield Yogurt

Yes, Stonyfield Yogurt is an Epic Retail Food Brand Growth Story

Guy Raz is a podcast king equivalent of Babe Ruth. Guy produces two hit podcasts that consistently deliver new ideas, new perspectives on old ideas and stories that are every bit as gripping as a good novel. In the podcast TED Radio Hour, Guy sifts through the famous TED talk series to isolate topics that support a central idea or point. In his podcast How I Built This, Guy digs into the stories behind famous companies and their rise to success.

Why Growth-minded Food Brands Should Listen

Although both podcasts are incredibly engaging, How I Built This highlights several famous epic retail food brand growth stories. If you are trying to grow a food brand in the retail channel, you need to listen and take notes. Especially if you plan to one day sell your brand.

Today I’m focusing on the Stonyfield Yogurt story. Go to the Stonyfield website for the homogenized (pun intended), cleaned-up version of the story. But go to the podcast to hear firsthand from founder Gary Hirshberg.

Stress, Financial Gymnastics, and Averting Hostile Takeovers

Gary Hirshberg does not disappoint. Just read my subhead. Any of this sound familiar to your retail food brand growth story?

The drive and energy it took to not only grow Stonyfield Yogurt to a place where they could sell it for $875 million but the cost it took to keep it running day-to-day dealing with production and financial issues. I did find it odd that retail placement was not a central component of the story.

Check out the full podcast here and check back here for other retail food brand growth podcasts I think may help you see the big picture.

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