An Epic Retail Food Brand Story: Happy Family Organics

Retail Food Brand Story: A Babe Among Giants – the story of Shazi Visram’s Happy Family Organics

As an entrepreneur working with food brands all along their growth cycle, How I Built is a “must hear” podcast. I love to hear the backstories of famous brands from the viewpoint of the founder. Shazi Visram’s story of taking on baby food giant Gerber with her upstart organic baby food product is filled with the kind of grit and determination needed to make this miracle happen.

You Should Listen if You Own a Food Brand

If you are trying to grow your food brand in the retail or foodservice channel, it may help to listen to someone who has successfully navigated the waters and ended up very, very rich. Which is particularly relevant if you plan to one day sell your brand.

How I Built This highlights several famous epic retail food brand growth stories, and Shazi Visram’s story is pretty amazing.

Create a Healthy Alternative to Over-Processed Mass Market Baby Food.

Follow an actual David Vs. Goliath story which self-funded start-up Happy Baby (now Family) Organics sows the seeds of rebellion against the hyper-processed, market domination of baby food giant Gerber. An uphill battle to success.

Any of this sound familiar to your retail food brand growth story?

Check out the full podcast and check back here for other retail food brand growth podcasts I think may help you see the big picture.

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