Boosted Post: Just need a boost? Or a whole ad?

Just need a boost? Or a whole ad? Boosted Post Facts

“What is the difference between creating a Facebook ad and a boosted Facebook post?”  Is one of the most frequently asked questions I get as social media manager when discussing Facebook. Well, I’m a designer by trade, and for me, reading is a little…meh. So for this blog, I’ve taken Facebook’s help article and made it a little easier to digest with a comparison chart.

The two biggest differences in boosted posts vs. ads are these:

  1. What is your goal with this specific Facebook post or ad?
    1. Is your goal to increase Brand Awareness? If so, go with a boosted post.
    2.  Is your goal to increase conversions? If that is the case, go with an ad instead.
  2. Where do you want your post/ad to appear to your target audience?
    1. Your boosted post will only appear in a max of four places online. So here are the three places: your page’s timeline (original post), your target audience’s Facebook feed, and possibly their Instagram feed, and/or their Facebook Messenger, if you select those options.
    2. Your ad can appear in several different places, depending on the options you choose. It can appear on your target audience’s Facebook feed and their Instagram feed. It can also appear in Facebook sidebar ads, Facebook messenger, Instagram stories, instant articles, and Audience Network. Note that you must add your ad to your Facebook Page’s feed manually if you want it to show up on your timeline.

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