CPG Marketing to Drive Food Brand Growth 

Drive Food Brand Growth with CPG Marketing Innovation

In the world of Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG), most companies are looking for aggressive growth. If you can reach more people, you can sell more products, and if you can sell more products, you can generate more revenue, ultimately supporting the company for years to come.

One of the best ways to do this is with marketing and advertising, but if you want to be an effective marketer, you need to be innovative.

How do you do it?

CPG Marketing
Does your food and beverage brand need a sales boost from CPG marketing?

What Is CPG Marketing?

CPG marketing is a broad field that includes various individual strategies and tactics, like brand positioningsocial media, digital and traditional advertisingproduct packaging and shopper marketingsearch engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC), and even grassroots and word-of-mouth advertising. You’ll probably need a combination of different strategies working together if you want to achieve the growth you want.

The Biggest Challenges in CPG Marketing

The biggest challenges in CPG marketing include the following:

  • Access to data. The best marketing campaigns aren’t impulsively thrown together; they’re constructed explicitly using objective data as an anchor. But how do you get access to the data you need to plan your campaigns effectively?
  • User-generated content. Consumers will generate both good and bad content for your product and brand. How do you keep an eye on this and motivate better user-generated content for your company?
  • Brand loyalty issues. You might be able to win over a customer to try your product. But how do you keep them? And how can your marketing and advertising campaign incentivize brand loyalty?
  • Competition. Remember, your top CPG competitors are directly competing with you in marketing and advertising, pushing hard to take your market share at all times. You must be able to contend with them while simultaneously differentiating yourself.

The COVID-19 pandemic (and its aftereffects) has introduced even more issues for CPG food brands.

Although the market has seen a significant rebound from the COVID-19 pandemic, the consumer mindset has shifted.

  • Less store foot traffic. Because people are shopping less and ordering online more, you’ll have fewer opportunities for in-store advertising.
  • More mobile transactions. As people increasingly rely on their mobile devices to purchase products, you’ll need to employ creative thinking to reach these people.
  • Partnership disruptions. The partnerships that once stabilized your business may no longer be the same – or they may no longer exist.

How Marketing Firms Solve the Challenges of CPG Marketing

If you’re focused on addressing the challenges of CPG marketing with your own department and your own resources, you may have your work cut out for you. It’s challenging to coordinate marketing strategies that work and even more difficult while juggling priorities like offering innovative messages and differentiating yourself from the competition.

One of the best solutions available is to work with a professional marketing firm with experience with CPG brands. There are several advantages to this relationship, including the following:

  • Access to better data. Access to better high-level CPG marketing data can set the stage for much better marketing and advertising campaigns. For example, in the marketing world, it’s typically better to reach a single relevant person than 100 irrelevant people. Suppose you can correctly identify your target demographics, learn how they think and feel, and construct a message that genuinely appeals to them. In that case, you can make almost any marketing campaign successful. Because CPG marketing firms specialize in CPG marketing, they have access to more and better data, which they can then use to plan better campaigns on your behalf.
  • Better resources and tools. Similarly, professional CPG marketing firms typically have access to better help and tools. These institutions are fully staffed with specialists from many different areas of marketing and advertising, and they invest in high-tech analytics platforms and marketing software so they can serve you better. You won’t have to track down all these resources and tools yourself, meaning you’ll save both time and money.
  • Knowledge and experience. What should the tagline of your next marketing campaign be? Why didn’t your previous advertising campaign work as well as you expected? These questions, and others like them, are much more difficult to ask when you don’t have significant knowledge or experience in the CPG marketing field. The leaders in your marketing firm will have more intuitive insights since they have more knowledge and experience to work with.
  • Focus on branding. Your brand should be at the center of every marketing and advertising campaign you plan. It’s the glue that keeps all your marketing components cohesively together. That said, if your brand is not on point or doesn’t speak to your actual company values or mission, it will not be effective. A professional marketing firm can help you rebuild and perfect your brand if necessary and maintain your brand standards more consistently if not.
  • An innovative approach. Innovation is at the heart of what CPG marketing firms do. It’s not just about replicating the success of a past campaign; It’s about generating new, exciting ideas that no one else has tried before. You need a blend of consistent, reliable tactics and promising new experiments to achieve a higher growth rate.
  • Dynamic problem-solving. Troubleshooting is challenging if you’re doing all your marketing. But when you work with the CPG marketing firm, you’ll have access to their dynamic problem-solving approach. They can work with you to figure out exactly what’s going wrong in a campaign – and fix it.
  • An incentive to succeed. Finally, understand that CPG marketing firms have a built-in incentive to succeed. If their marketing and advertising campaigns don’t work, you’ll stop paying them. Marketing firm leaders want to avoid this at all costs, so they will be willing to do whatever it takes to get you the desired results.

Is your food and beverage brand interested in mastering the art of CPG marketing? Are you disappointed with the CPG marketing results you’ve seen in the past? NewPoint Marketing could have the tools and insights you need to achieve your desired growth. Contact us for more information today!