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NewPoint has taken the food digital sales landscape by storm. Our digital marketing strategy arms you with the tools to disrupt the landscape and propel you to the forefront of your competition. But, most importantly:

 increasing your profit margins!

First, we conduct extensive research and develop the strategy to lay down a firm foundation that will dictate everything from messaging, graphics and who we target. Then, we evaluate your current e-commerce storefront in order to optimize your site. We ensure your customers can easily get from the products page to the order confirmation window.  Finally, once all of our homework is done, we handle everything from graphic design to ad-implementation. You know those graphics and visuals you dream about at night? Yeah, we’ll breathe life into your ideas.

We combine consumer research and industry data with the BIG WHY behind your brand to cook up a custom, insight-driven marketing recipe that will ultimately elevate your business. Don’t miss your opportunity to translate your farmer’s market presence to the digital market.

Check out the Indiana Pickle case study to the right and see how we exploded online food sales for a brand just like you.


Indiana Pickle Case Study 

Indiana Pickle needed to jump-start their digital marketing once they landed a placement deal with Fresh Thyme and other retailers. We armed Robert and his team and, in turn, they saw exponential success.


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NewPoint’s Patrick Nycz authored Moving Your Brand Up the Food Chain™, a marketing book that makes the case that there has never been a better time to be a local, regional, or emerging food brand.

Now is the time to strike. Many industry analysts say that today’s volatility will create big opportunities for emerging food brands, like you. If you’re ready to jump-start your digital sales, give us a call now!

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