Don’t Waste Money: Invest in a CPG Creative Brief (Template)

Invest in a CPG Creative Brief to Save Time, Money, and Heartburn.

“You Only Get Out of the Agency as Good as You Put In.”

This is a client quote. A client that champions our insistence on using a CPG creative brief for most projects. This comes from his experience working with a wide variety of creative marketing agencies. This also illustrates his overt willingness to accept ownership over the process and outcomes.

Think of the Creative Brief as A Roadmap for Success

I’m honest with you when I say I’ve seen this firsthand: What’s a worse time suck than stopping for directions in the middle of the trip? Not stopping to ask directions. But no matter how bad that is, I would never leave home without knowing what direction to drive for a meeting in Indy or Chicago.

The Team Agrees on the Creative Brief

The creative brief’s main purpose is not to waste time or money—and by extension—cause heartburn when a miscommunication or an unvalidated assumption causes a project to stop in the middle of development and maybe even start over. Our clients/stakeholders are experts in their business, processes, and products or services. We are experts in marketing communications.  The creative brief brings both parties together to develop a creative project the client needs.

Take a look at the NewPoint CPG Creative Brief template below.

From branded campaigns to packaging, shopper marketing, websites, trade show booths, email campaigns, videos, social media, banner ads, etc., a good creative brief provides needed direction for any project size or type. Once the brief development meeting is concluded and agreed upon, the client can sign off knowing we have a roadmap for success.

NewPoint CPG Creative Brief

When you hire NewPoint to help with a project, rest assured that one of us will come armed with the NewPoint Creative Brief when the proposal is signed.

If you’re ready to hire NewPoint or have any questions or would like to learn more about how marketing can help your company, please reach out to the NewPoint team — interested in food marketing topics? Please visit our “Intel” page or check out my book: Moving Your Brand Up the Food Chain.