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We are a creative agency that’s all business, meaning we conceive and implement marketing ideas only after conducting the executive-level groundwork that justifies them.

Within the critical context of your broader food-industry marketplace, we work to fully understand your company—what makes your operation run, your brand competitive, your bottom line profitable. Only then can we set out to innovate.

The Best Insights Come from Full Immersion

Knowing the consumer is essential to understanding what the buyer is looking for in a food supplier.

We believe in making informed decisions about growing your sales, margins and brand by making business decisions based on facts—not speculation—about your market.

Bring on the Midwestern work ethic, which means we do the homework. It’s been proven time and again…the best insights come from full immersion.

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What's Your NewPoint?

Every successful brand-building strategy starts with a clear goal—a targeted, realistic “new point” on the sales-and-revenue growth chart.

How much marketing support will your team need to reach that goal. Contact us today about our complete Marketing Diagnostic.

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In an over-communicated marketplace, clearly defined brands help make buying decisions.

Strategy: Actionable Intelligence is in our DNA

Your brand strategy should be a long-term plan to achieve specific goals and touch on components of your business directly connected to buyer requirements and consumer needs in an increasingly competitive environment.

Creative: Finding your Brand Truth

Why does anyone care about your brand? That’s the cornerstone question to ask if your goal is to build a strong brand-positioning strategy. At the highest level, that question breaks down to two elements: Audience & Competition.

Together, a good brand position must be relevant to the prospect, relative to every other competitive option. To own a good, strong “position,” a brand must be focused, succinct, real, and tangible. Good brand positioning is sticky. A brand’s position cannot be abstract.

Leveraging what makes your emerging brand unique, and supporting it with data and research, leads to a compelling strategy for earning a place on the shelf next to the industry leaders.

Results: In The Business of Growing Other Businesses

Every company has a different goal. NewPoint succeeds only when our clients succeed. We let our 45+ years of client success stand as proof that NewPoint marketing processes help our clients achieve their goals.

Our Agency

NewPoint is a seasoned collection of strategists and creatives with one goal: to Move Your Brand Up the Food Chain™. NewPoint evolved from and retains the 47-year-old DNA of idc Marketing; a full service strategic marketing and branding firm founded in 1972. Close to 5 decades of success in the food industry has led to a deeper focus and concentration in the category…and now, to NewPoint Marketing. The core values remain: like idc marketing, NewPoint is in the business of growing your business.

Patrick Nycz

Patrick Nycz Founding President


Ashley Morgan Social Media Manager & Digital Designer


Ashley Biesemeier Marketing Generalist

<b>Mia</b> Director of Pug Fridays

Mia Director of Pug Fridays

Stephanie Bossung

Stephanie Bossung VP Account Services


Mitchell Terpstra Strategist & Copywriter

<b>Cindy Nycz</b> Payroll

Cindy Nycz Payroll & Benefits

Kristy Blair

Kristy Blair Visual Brand Strategist | Designer


Ryan Klimt Lead Web Developer

<b>Lilly</b> Director of Distractions

Lilly Director of Distractions

Brant Baumann

Brant Baumann Brand Strategist | Writer


Allie Parker Marketing Specialist

<b>Eubi</b> Director of Eubi Tuesdays

Eubi Director of Eubi Tuesdays

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