Actionable Intelligence is in our DNA

Answers Only Come from Asking The Right Questions

It happens virtually every time.

Even if armed with the invaluable knowledge accumulated over years of in-the-trenches experience, when the leaders of a company explore outside those trenches and invest in honest, make-no-assumptions market research, they learn something new. Often something eye opening. Always something constructive in the endeavor to make smarter business-development decisions.

If you engage with NewPoint, you’ll have a full arsenal of research methods and the wisdom necessary to optimize them. Determining which ones to deploy will be the product of communication and diagnosis. And the results will be translated into information that is meaningful and useful.

Insight To Action: Newpoint Capabilities

Discovery & Research

Exploration and investigation cultivate insight. But they also tell us something else.

We never know everything.

Whether it’s ongoing research to continually monitor the pulse of food-industry trends, proprietary studies to dig deeper into what your buyers really need, or some other type of investigative work, NewPoint can pursue and present to you the knowledge required for making sound, reasoned, results-oriented marketing decisions.

  • Trend reports and what they mean to you
  • Industry/category analysis
  • Competitive analysis
  • Qualitative market research
  • Internal client analysis
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Strategy Development

With the tools acquired in the discovery and research phase, NewPoint partners with you to identify opportunities and lay out the means for advancing your brand and growing your company.

The outcome strategy could involve the tried and true or the unconventional. It might emphasize targeting the lowest fruit or making a bold move for the most ambitious goal. But it will always move forward on sound, market-informed footing.

  • Business consulting
  • Brand consulting
  • Channel strategies
  • Marketing plan development
  • Media program development
  • Customer cultivation
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Tactical Implementation

With a clear, comprehensive marketing plan in place for your product or brand, NewPoint has the creative juice and the meticulous management skills to see that plan optimized for success—both from a tactical ideation and an analytics assessment standpoint.

  • Brand message & design development
  • Branded packaging & display programs
  • Integrated branded campaigns & promotions: FSI, social media POP, radio, outdoor, etc.
  • Tradeshow and sales support materials
  • Digital marketing: website, loyalty club, SEM, social, email, advertising
  • Brand management support: store checks and analysis, industry & category data, IRI and competitive sales stats
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Actionable Intelligence: Newpoint Methods

Quantitative Market Research

  • IRI/Infoscan category data purchases
  • Strategically chosen industry associations
  • In-person store checks
  • Industry and consumer surveys

Internal Client Analysis

  • Interviews with your team (executive-level, sales, operations, customer service, etc.)
  • Tour(s)
  • Website review
  • Business and/or marketing-plan review

Qualitative Market Research

  • People who buy from you
  • People who don’t buy from you
  • Your peers and other role players in the food supply-and-service chain
  • Industry researchers, innovators and other thought leaders
  • Consumers

Marketing Results Analysis

  • Sales reports
  • Web analytics
  • Benchmark studies
  • Surveys

Advance Your Brand with Proven Processes

A 4-Course, Customizable Menu

Outlined here is our full-scale, collaborative NewPoint Brand Essentials™ client-service process built on years of experience in advancing branding initiatives and achieving business-growth goals. Each tier “service package” is typically a prerequisite to the next.

Start with a Brand Reconnaissance Report
This one-time, entry-level buy—with no further contractual obligation—provides a timely category analysis relative to your niche in the food industry.
It’s where every smart marketing strategy begins.

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