Actionable Intelligence

Success for your Brand

Answers Only Come From Asking the Right Questions

It happens virtually every time.

Even if armed with the invaluable knowledge accumulated over years of in-the-trenches experience, when the leaders of a company explore outside those trenches and invest in honest, make-no-assumptions market research, they learn something new.

Often something eye opening.

Always something constructive in the endeavor to make smarter business-development decisions.

The Goal: Actionable Intelligence

If you engage with NewPoint, you’ll have a full arsenal of research methods and the wisdom necessary to optimize them.

Determining which ones to deploy will be the product of communication and diagnosis. And the results will be translated into information that is meaningful and useful.

This arsenal includes, but is not limited to:


Quantitative Market Research

  • IRI/Infoscan category data purchases
  • Strategically chosen industry associations
  • In-person store checks
  • Industry and consumer surveys

Qualitative Market Research, Via Interviews or Focus Groups

  • People who buy from you
  • People who don’t buy from you
  • Your peers and other role players in the food supply-and-service chain
  • Industry researchers, innovators and other thought leaders
  • Consumers

Internal Client Analysis

  • Interviews with your team (executive-level, sales, operations, customer service, etc.)
  • Tour(s)
  • Website review
  • Business and/or marketing-plan review

Marketing Results Analysis

  • Sales reports
  • Web analytics
  • Benchmark studies
  • Surveys

Start with a Brand Reconnaissance Report
This one-time, entry-level buy—with no further contractual obligation—provides a timely category analysis relative to your niche in the food industry.
It’s where every smart marketing strategy begins.

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