Food Industry Leads Fight Against Covid-19 Spread

The Fight Against Covid-19 Spread Had to Start in the Food Industry

I am a member of the Forbes Agency Council. One of the perks is that I am invited to “pitch” article ideas if they are relevant and can add to a more substantial marketing conversation.

To that end, I’m sharing an article I wrote that published on on June 17, 2020. I added the date because I wrote and submitted the article 5 weeks prior – when NewPoint was on the front lines of helping our clients develop a “shared responsibility” in the fight against the Covid-19 spread message platform. It typically takes ten weeks for an article to make it through all the proofing and vetting stages at Forbes IF it is deemed worthy of publishing. That is a big “IF.” They are not an easy crowd to please.

But it looks like the food industry – and those of us who support food industry businesses – had to be several months ahead of the curve simply because everyone needs to eat. That critical industry stuff is no joke.

Even though developing a “shared responsibility” platform for our client’s human resources team may seem like a stretch, believe me – it is not. We at NewPoint are communication specialists. We called to the front lines of all the critical communication needs of our clients – which includes their workforce. Developing a “shared responsibility” fight against Covid-19 spread qualifies.

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