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Regional food companies are winning

Smaller food brand manufacturers are seeing annual growth rates at least 4x that of the 25 biggest U.S. food and beverage manufacturers (graphic to the right). Meanwhile, small organic/natural food companies are seeing a rate 11x greater!

This shift is consumer-driven, with contributing factors that include, according to studies, a growing distrust of big food companies and a trend toward buying local—factors that prove advantageous for smaller, more nimble brands that are seen as far more transparent and socially relevant in their home regions.

It’s your turn to win

The Indicators are there.

Product sales are growing steadily; customers are asking for more from your company and your business has started to bump up against the “big guys” more often. It’s not unusual for a smaller, or regional player to be viewed as a commodity or a “value” brand. Are you happy with that designation?

Brand = margin.

Whether it’s growing a retail brand, executing a private label strategy or increasing your food service profile with distributors or buying groups, companies contacting NewPoint have higher aspirations.

They are looking to mean something more to their customers which can translate making new, informed decisions on areas like positioning against competitors, product packaging, leveraging consumer trends and marketing strategies that add up to a demonstrable difference in how your brand is viewed by the buyer. When this happens, it can be a signal that your company’s product line is emerging as a true brand—which in turn can signify the upward price flexibility and margins that are associated with being a name brand product.

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