Foodservice B2B Digital Marketing Strategies

B2B Digital Marketing Strategies for Your Foodservice Brand

Foodservice B2B Digital Marketing Strategies
Time to turn the gas up on your foodservice and B2B digital marketing strategies?

B2B digital marketing can be tough on foodservice brands. On top of thoroughly understanding who your target demographics are with the help of market research, you’ll need to invest heavily in a set of strategies that work together to increase your visibility and increase your chances of meeting the right people.

It’s even more challenging when you consider that you have countless competitors trying to do the same thing – and a limited budget to make everything work.

So what are the best food service B2B digital marketing strategies? And how can you use them effectively?

Website Optimization

One of the most critical B2B digital marketing strategies you’ll utilize is optimizing your main website – since this will tie into all your other marketing strategies.

This website is going to serve many purposes simultaneously. First, it will be a location where people can learn about your business for the first time, forming their first impressions and establishing your reputation. It’s going to provide thorough information and value to prospects who are looking for a thought leader. It will offer opportunities for persuasion, incentivizing those prospects to reach out to you. And it’s also going to coordinate the other arms of your B2B digital marketing strategy.

These are some of the most critical areas to focus on when building and optimizing your website:

  • Functionality and accessibility. First and foremost, your website needs to be totally functional and accessible. If your website takes too long to load, people can’t watch the videos you’ve uploaded, or mobile users struggle to read your content; your website isn’t effective – no matter how good your content is. Working with a solid developer to decrease loading times, improve mobile optimization, and ensure all content is accessible on all browsers and devices is ideal.
  • Competence in thought leadership. When marketing to other business owners and decision-makers, you can’t rely on gimmicks. Instead, you need to demonstrate true competence and thought leadership to win the loyalty and interest of other parties. Accordingly, the information on your site should be valuable, accurate, and concise. Developing a solid blog process can help you do this – and as we’ll see, it’s also useful for several other digital marketing strategies.
  • Ample calls to action (CTAs). A call to action (CTA) prompts the user to take a specific action, such as filling out a form or making a purchase. An excellent example of a CTA should be at the bottom of your browser window 👍. This action in the B2B space usually submits a contact form or provides personal information. You need many CTAs throughout your website; those CTAs must be persuasive if you want them to be effective. Fortunately, many conversion optimization strategies can help you here.
  • Persuasive messaging. Why should another business work with you? What makes you better than your competition? You need compelling, persuasive messaging throughout your website if you want to make this case.
  • Tie-ins to other channels and strategies. Your website will be much more valuable if it links to other marketing channels and strategies. Fortunately for you, some of this will be done naturally; for example, your onsite content will help promote your visibility in search engines, and your social media presence can bring people to your website.
  • Available analytics. Make it a point to review analytics on your web traffic regularly. Where are people coming from? Which pages are they visiting? How long are they dwelling? This can help you find potential problems and fix them proactively.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Content Marketing

With a website in place, you can focus on search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing, which go hand in hand. SEO is all about increasing your website’s visibility in search engines so your target demographics are more likely to discover you. In addition, you can write better content, technically optimize your website, and build links to increase your perceived authority.

Your strategy’s steadfast anchor will be your onsite and offsite content. Your content needs to be detailed, optimized for specific keywords, written for your target audience, and accurate. If done correctly, you’ll rise in the rankings and see much more organic traffic.

Integrated Online and Offline Marketing

Digital marketing is excellent because it’s accessible, cost-effective, and far-reaching, but integrating it with offline marketing can make it even more effective. For example:

  • Events and social media hashtags. Are you going to a trade show or hosting an event? Use hashtags on social media to coordinate your social media efforts with them.
  • QR codes are compact forms of information that allow people to quickly visit a website or open an app when they encounter a code in the real world.
  • Custom URLs. You can even use custom URLs to digitally track and analyze your non-digital marketing strategies, such as direct mail.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

Another popular digital marketing strategy is pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. In this realm, you’ll use a platform like Google or Facebook to place ads deliberately in front of the target demographics you care about most. Thanks to advanced targeting options, this is easier than ever. First, you have to make sure your message is compelling and persuasive. Then, you can set a budget for your campaign, bid on keywords, and strategically plan your advertising to maximize the value you get. In the end, you’ll only pay for the traffic you generate.

Social Media Marketing

Some B2B digital marketers swear by social media marketing. Creating a social media account is usually free, as is posting, yet you could reach millions of people with your posts. That said, you’ll need a very refined strategy if you want to be successful here.

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