Forbes Agency Council Panel: 8 Ways Gated Content Reaches The Right Audiences

Eight Ways To Ensure Gated Content Reaches The Right Audiences

Great Gated Content = Great Leads @Forbes_Agency

Put yourself in my (marketing) shoes for a minute. That’s what @Forbes_Agency Council panels offer: A platform for experts to voice varying viewpoints and opinions to further the cause of good marketing practices. As a member, I get to give my two cents on varying topics.

Gated content is the main topic of this panel.

Here’s my take:

Gated content works best when optimized with the right keywords. 

The answer is always in the search. Gated content and its associated strategic keywords need to match the search initiated by the intended target audience. This is a process of continuous improvement: Is the content good enough, and do we have the right keywords? Higher-quality gated content should net higher search results and better-qualified leads. – Patrick Nycz, NewPoint Marketing

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