Forbes Agency Council Panel: Gated Content to the Right Audiences

Eight Ways To Ensure Gated Content Reaches The Right Audiences

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Gated content is kind of a big deal in the marketing world. Picture this: you’ve got this awesome piece of content, whether it’s an e-book, webinar, or maybe an exclusive video series. Now, you could just put it out there for anyone to grab, but here’s the thing – gating it means you’re asking for something in return, usually an email address or some info about your audience. Sounds simple, right? But oh boy, the benefits are pretty sweet.

First off, gated content is like a treasure trove of data. When someone’s willing to give up their info to access your content, you’re getting a peek into who they are, what they’re interested in, and maybe even where they are in their buyer’s journey. That’s gold for crafting personalized marketing campaigns and nurturing those leads like a pro.

Open the Door to Better Leads

And let’s not forget about lead generation – it’s like the superhero of gated content. By asking folks to pony up their info before diving into your content, you’re basically separating the curious clickers from the serious prospects. It’s like giving your sales team a head start by handing them a list of leads who are already showing some serious interest. Plus, with a bit of smart lead scoring, you can really dial in on who’s ready to take the next step.

But here’s the cherry on top – gated content adds a sprinkle of exclusivity to your brand. When people have to give something up to get something awesome from you, they tend to see it as more valuable. It’s like being part of an exclusive club where only the cool kids get access. Plus, you can sweeten the deal by offering bonus perks like discounts or early access to new products. It’s a win-win for you and your audience!

Put yourself in my (marketing) shoes for a minute. That’s what @Forbes_Agency Council panels offer: A platform for experts to voice varying viewpoints and opinions to further the cause of good marketing practices. As a member, I get to give my two cents on varying topics.

Gated content is the main topic of this panel.

Here’s my take:

Gated content works best when optimized with the right keywords. 

The answer is always in the search. Gated content and its associated strategic keywords need to match the search initiated by the intended target audience. This is a process of continuous improvement: Is the content good enough, and do we have the right keywords? Higher-quality gated content should net higher search results and better-qualified leads. – Patrick Nycz, NewPoint Marketing

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