Forbes Agency Council Panel: 15 Ways To Develop A Customer-Centric Content Strategy

15 Ways To Develop A Customer-Centric Content Strategy

Know Your Audience (and what they love)

My team spends a lot of time discussing content marketing strategies to help our clients and our firm. So the @Forbes_Agency Council invited me to participate in this expert panel discussion.

The topic of this panel was Customer-Centric Content Strategy.

Here’s my take:

Talk About Things They Love.

A company’s story is nice, but if you want to engage someone, talk about things they care about or love. Take a page from the big boys: Know what you sell and why people are buying. It is always about the consumer. Apple does not sell computers; it sells a set of beliefs or a way of thinking. Starbucks does not sell coffee; it sells the status quo. Even Toms Shoes sold the concept of giving back. – Patrick Nycz, NewPoint Marketing

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