Forbes Agency Council Panel: 15 Ways To Handle Client Requests That Could Do Damage

15 Ways To Handle Client Requests That Could Damage The Campaign

Choose Your Battles Wisely

@Forbes_Agency Council asks the questions for marketers and clients alike. As a member, I am engaged in a deep discussion of what constitutes good marketing practices by experts with a wide variety of varying viewpoints and opinions.

The quality of Client input is the main topic of this panel.Client Requests

Here’s my take:

Weigh The Impact Of Client Input.

There is give and take in every successful relationship. The client is the expert in their product or service, and the agency is the brand and messaging expert. When clients provide marketing direction, weigh the impact (positive or negative) on the campaign and provide expert recommendations for moving forward. If this is an ongoing issue, the agency decides which battles to fight and which to let go. – Patrick Nycz, NewPoint Marketing

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