Forbes Agency Council Panel: Integrating Paid And Organic Content: 10 Ways To Make It Work

Marketing Pros Discuss Integrating Paid And Organic Content: 10 Ways To Make It Work

I’m always happy to mix it up with the heavy hitters. That includes my fellow marketing agency leaders on the Forbes Agency Council. This panel acts as a platform to provide marketing opinions on the same topic from a diverse and very opinionated expert group.

This smaller panel takes on ways to integrate paid and organic content.

Here’s my take:

Leverage Analytics

Where paid pushes the message onto new screens, organic content, in general, can add credibility by answering a search inquiry. Both can be analyzed and optimized for better engagement. By optimizing paid and organic posts, ideally, they work together to drive the target audience into the engagement or sales funnel. – Patrick Nycz, NewPoint Marketing

Check out my fellow panelist’s opinions on this topic – check out the full article here.

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