Forbes Agency Council Panel: 11 Inspiring Ways To Market A Strong Company Culture

11 Inspiring Ways To Market A Strong Company Culture

Flip the script

@Forbes_Agency Council asks the right questions of agency and creative shop leaders on the front lines of business and marketing. As a member and agency owner, I am always honored to contribute my experience to thesse important panels—based on my three decades of management, leadership, and business ownership.

The topic of this panel was Strong Company Culture.

Here’s my take:

Let Your People Do The Talking.

I’ve always been wary of firms that overtly “market” culture. It tends to come off as “clubby” or exclusive. Flip the script. Build a team of customer-service-centric people and let them do the talking. Whether interacting with current or potential clients or attracting talent, an authentic customer-service-driven team will go above and beyond to make everyone feel welcome. – Patrick Nycz, NewPoint Marketing

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