Flying Bacon & CPG E-Commerce: Forbes Agency Council

CPG-EcommerceIs A Cold-Chain CPG E-Commerce Breakthrough Coming For Food Brands?

While CPG e-commerce continues to explode across many sectors, one category holds full-scale food delivery back: cold-chain delivery of consumer packaged goods food brands.

What will it take to get this “off the ground?” 

Up until March, ordering groceries online was mainly a growth segment driven by millennials. There’s nothing like the threat of a potentially deadly airborne virus, a nationwide shutdown of brick-and-mortar retailers and government-imposed lockdowns to incentivize consumers, from baby boomers to Generation Z, to move from occasionally ordering items online to converting their browser search bar into the front door of their personal mall or supermarket.

In my latest Forbes article, I connect the dots to see how consumers will leap from waiting in one’s car at the supermarket for their weekly grocery order to fulfilling e-commerce’s real promise: home delivery of that same order while including our produce and pork chops.

The day we see an e-commerce home delivery that includes not only center-of-store items like bread and mayo and traditionally cold-chain products like bacon, lettuce, and tomatoes will mark the true fulfillment of the e-commerce promise.

Read the full @Forbes_Agency article here.

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