Getting started with Stories: Part 3—Product Posting

In our blog “Getting started with stories: Part 1” we discussed how Facebook and Instagram stories are growing at 15x the pace of the newsfeed because Facebook algorithms are placing meaningful relationships (cultivated by short, daily stories) over passive content (newsfeed posts). We touched on the breakdown of what type of content to post, and how often. We touched on the breakdown of what type of content to post, and how often.

Here in part 3, we are going to expand on, and give specific examples of ways to share what you do and why it matters.

The goal here is to make the audience feel like insiders, show them the value that your brand provides, and preemptively eliminate objection. These types of posts should make up about 40% of what you’re posting. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Show behind-the-scenes footage of the office meeting/morning donuts conversation. Be sure to keep it light and free of anything confidential.
  • How it’s made moment—People are interested in your process. It doesn’t have to be a super in-depth video, just a quick snippet/fun fact about your process will be fine. Because stories disappear after 24 hours, it’s ok to post these a couple of times a month with different examples. Be sure to encourage your audience to DM you with any questions about what you do!
  • Always post when you’re at an event— You can even Add location pin to your story!
  • Client Selfie—Are you helping a client? See if they will allow you to post a selfie with them…You can even tag them and perhaps they will repost/tag you/tell their friends? Their friends want to be friends with your customer’s friends.
  • Project work—Share a little insight on a project you’re currently working on. If you can’t post the entire project/process for proprietary reasons, maybe just a little piece of that. A color pallet maybe? This can create some anticipation…just don’t leave them hanging! Be sure that you show them the final result!
  • Create a poll on your story and ask your fans to vote on their favorite color/flavor/outfit whatever is relevant!
  • Ask a for opinions and request that your audience DM you, comment or answer within the text box with their opinions. You can do this on a post or a story. Perhaps both and see which works better. The perk of stories is that if they answer within the story, you’re able to interact on a more personal level and thus, you’ve made a stronger connection. That person now feels like you’re their friend, or that they actually know you, and people like to buy from people they know and trust.
  • Give examples of how people use your product for different things/in different way. “You many not think this product is for you, but have you thought of how this product can help you in the same way that it helped Jenny?”

Stick around for part 4—Promotions

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