How A Marketing Survey Can Improve Food Brand Messaging

Your Food Brand Messaging: How A Marketing Survey Can Help

Aligning survey insights with a marketing strategy is essential to connect to your brand’s core audience.

If there’s one thing the food and beverage industry knows, understanding your audience is essential. There’s one tool that can unlock the secrets to your audience’s heart. It’s no wonder how a marketing survey—a tool that might seem traditional but packs a punch when used strategically, has become so important to food brands today. At NewPoint Marketing, we’ve leveraged the power of surveys for over half a century, refining brand messaging for countless clients. Let’s explore why this tool is more relevant than ever.

A Brief History of Consumers: How A Marketing Survey Started in the USA

The roots of consumer surveys in the USA trace back to the early 20th century, reflecting society’s burgeoning interest in understanding consumer preferences and behaviors. Born from the blend of psychology sociology, and the rise of mass marketing, the 1920s and 1930s saw companies realizing the potential of gauging public opinion to refine their sales and advertising efforts.

George Gallup is a pivotal figure from this era, introducing scientific survey methods in the 1930s. Originally known for predicting election results, Gallup’s techniques evolved into studying consumer preferences, setting foundational standards for consumer research.

Post World War II, the booming economy and the rise of consumerism presented a diverse market with evolving needs. Surveys became instrumental in deciphering these shifts, helping brands tailor their products and services to meet consumer desires.

The advent of the digital age in the late 20th century revolutionized surveying. With the internet’s emergence, online surveys became prevalent, offering a quick, cost-effective means to gather data. This democratized access, allowing even small businesses to tap into consumer insights.

That’s how a marketing survey remains such a vital tool amidst rapid technological advancements and shifting consumer landscapes. They’ve evolved from simple face-to-face interactions and mailed questionnaires to sophisticated digital platforms that provide real-time feedback. This long-standing tradition underlines the enduring value of understanding consumers in shaping the marketplace.

Understanding the Core of Marketing Surveys

Before diving into the ‘how,’ it’s crucial to understand the ‘why.’ What makes marketing surveys such an invaluable tool for food brands?

Why Surveys Matter

  1. Deep Psychographic Insights: Modern consumers are complex. Culture, personal beliefs, and individual experiences influence them. Surveys enable us to tap into these psychographics, moving beyond demographics. At NewPoint Marketing, our team crafts questions that delve into these deeper motivations, ensuring brand messaging resonates at an emotional level. How a marketing survey is created makes it more than just a questionnaire—they’re gateways to understanding your target audience’s deeper motivations and desires. How do we know? Our team at NewPoint Marketing has honed its expertise over 50 years, crafting strategic marketing materials that hit the mark every time.
  2. Standing Out in a Crowded Marketplace: Differentiating in a saturated market is hard. With aisles packed with alternatives, food brands often find themselves lost in the crowd, struggling to differentiate from their competitors. However, most brands merely scratch the surface; it often boils down to battling on price or availability. Through well-structured surveys, we can uncover unique values or desires and tap into what the core audience genuinely values and how a marketing survey helps us craft messages that set a brand apart and allow it to truly stand out.

The NewPoint Approach: Maximizing Survey Potential

  1. Collaborative Approach: We believe in collaboration. We ensure the research aligns with real-world nuances and challenges by involving food brand clients as partners. As the brand owner, you bring unique product knowledge, history, and understanding of the competition. NewPoint’s role is to bring our marketing strategy, survey research development, and create effective brand messaging from those crucial insights.
  2. Best-in-Class Partners and Platforms: Along with trusted research organization partners that we have worked with for years in virtual and in-person focus groups across the country, our toolbox often includes faster-paced, less expensive online platforms like 1Q, Suzy, and SurveyMonkey. However, how a marketing survey is developed is more than a simple one-size-fits-all approach. To ensure results are precise and actionable, we meticulously select the tool based on we select the most fitting tool based on its strengths and alignment with the research objectives.
  3. Aligning Survey Insights with Marketing Strategy: Research without direction is like a ship without a compass. We ensure our surveys are tailored to gather data and align with your brand’s larger marketing strategy and goals. So, it’s not just about gathering information. We work with your team and goals for the brand to confirm that the insights derived from our surveys align perfectly with your brand’s overarching marketing strategy and goals.
  4. How a Marketing Survey is Developed: Best Practices in Survey Crafting: From identifying research objectives to crafting the right questions, our team emphasizes best practices to our clients, ensuring they get the most out of marketing surveys. Our deep strategic marketing experience has trained us to ask the right questions, and working with our many trusted partners has equipped us with best practices in survey development. From initial objective identification to the final question design, we guide our clients every step of the way. This ensures that the survey is effective and optimized for the best results.

The Tangible Impact: Beyond Numbers

  1. Food Brand Packaging: What better place to measure the real impact on brand messaging than your food brand’s consumer-facing packaging? It is essential to get this correct for the sake of selling the product and differentiating it from competitors. Consider the power of testing the hierarchy of messaging on food packaging. It’s often the first interaction a consumer has with a product. Through surveys, we’ve unveiled key elements that sway purchase decisions, helping brands prioritize messaging elements on their packaging to truly influence the decision-making process for consumers. Understanding these nuances allows us to craft brand messages that resonate more deeply, driving brand affinity and sales.
  2. Validating Brand Perceptions: Brands sometimes have a skewed self-perception. Surveys bridge the gap between a brand’s self-view and consumer perception, ensuring brand messages are not just loud but clear and aligned.

The Newpoint Marketing team understands that marketing is a process and illustrates our approach to how a marketing survey is created. Although we love to start with research to understand what specific messaging resonates with a core target audience’s psychographics, we rely on our deep experience. The Newpoint Marketing team has successfully created strategic marketing materials for our clients for over 50 years. Our long-standing history in the food marketing realm speaks volumes. Tracking key performance indicators and monitoring media impressions and reach, we’ve seen first-hand how survey insights translate to tangible marketing strategy shifts and increased sales. 

Would You Like to See Successful Survey Results?

Keen to see firsthand examples of how survey findings have transformed marketing strategies or packaging designs for our esteemed food brand clients? Or perhaps you’re interested in learning about our unique collaborative process and how we integrate internal and external teams for optimal results? Reach out to NewPoint Marketing for a free consultation and unlock your brand’s potential.