Get “Real” with Your Food Brand’s Social Media

Adding authority and authenticity to a corporate food brand’s social media platform

The way you present your food brand’s social media page to the public determines what you will receive back. If your page is corporate looking and stuffy, you won’t get the feedback you are looking for. On the other hand, if you are fun and real with your page, you will receive feedback with consumer loyalty and excitement. When following a food brand’s social media page, people are looking for ones that have fun with what they post and show that the brands have real people behind them.

Two ways of being successful in doing this are by communicating authority and showing authenticity.

Tips for Communicating Authority

  1. Post frequently

This will help build not only your business’s authority but your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as well.

  1. Create content consistently

Be posting content not only about your brand but also about other topics your followers may want to see.

  1. Find out what posts get the most engagement from your followers

  2. Be honest and genuine about your brand

Share your business’s story. This will help show you are a trustworthy, knowledgeable, and approachable business.

  1. Be engaging with your followers

This will show you aren’t just a corporate marketer trying to make money, but instead, you are a real person behind the screen.

  1. Be accountable

If something is wrong, fix it. Do not hide it.

Tips for Showing Authenticity

  1. Understand who your audience is

Look at your demographics and even a couple of individual’s personal profiles.

  1. Let your brand’s personality shine

Don’t let your profile look dry and corporate looking

  1.   Consider your brand’s tone

What do you want your brand’s page to look and sound like? Make it personable (ex. casual, funny, friendly, formal, etc.). 

  1. Ask yourself how you can build authenticity on your social media platform

1. What are your values?

2. What makes your brand stand out from others?

3. Why do people choose your brand over similar ones?

4. What stories about your business can you share?

If you are successful at both communicating authority and showing authenticity on your food brand’s social media platforms, there will be a buildup of conversation surrounding your brand, as well as more connections between your brand and your followers. Doing so builds consumer loyalty.


If you have any questions or would like to learn more about food brand social media, please reach out to the NewPoint team. If you are interested in more food marketing topics, please visit our Food for Thought page or check out NewPoint’s Patrick Nycz’s book: Moving Your Brand Up the Food Chain.