How to Promote Authenticity Through Your Brand

Displaying authenticity is one of the best ways to ensure customer loyalty. But how can you accomplish this?

  1. Develop relationships with your consumers through social media

Social media is a unique tool for not only advertising but connecting with your customers. It’s a platform that allows for several strategic opportunities: the most important being customer service.

  • 63% of consumers say they expect to receive customer service from a brand’s social media account
  • 90% of consumers say they’ve reached out to a brand in the past via social media
  • 95% of consumers who’ve reached out to a brand on social media never heard back
  • 71% of consumers who experience a positive interaction with a brand on social media are likely to recommend that brand to a friend

This rise of social media customer care is something that can help or hurt a brand. There is a risk in using social media exclusively as an outlet for advertising; customers who expect customer service and don’t receive it develop a distaste for your brand.

On the flip slide, customers who have a positive experience are likely to construct user-generated content (USG). User-generated content takes many forms: social media posts, product ratings, customer reviews, user- submitted photos and videos, etc. This is a huge factor when it comes to purchasing decisions, at 90% of consumers reporting that USG had at least some influence over their online purchases. To put that number in perspective, user-generated content outranks all other forms of marketing, including search engines and promotional emails.

  1. Unveil the behind the scenes

In addition to the meticulously planned out and polished content, mix in the unexpected. Show raw footage of events, features of your employees, or happy clients. While social media advertising is a great asset, it’s important to show your customers that that’s not the only reason you’re on social media. You’re on social media to connect with your customers and show them your company from a more holistic perspective. Read more on building trust with your audience via social media.

  1. Promote traditions and Values

Consumers are reading the back of packages more than ever. They’re searching for a company who’s transparent about their product as well as the company’s values. This is your differentiating factor from other companies. Brands can compete all day long on whose ingredients are fresher or whose product gives a higher quality for a lower price. Your company’s history and traditions are unparalleled. Read success stories from alcoholic brands returning to their brand’s origins and traditions.

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