Implementing Strategic Food Marketing with YouTube Ads

Food Marketing with YouTube Ads to Grow Awareness and Sales

Growing by more than 20% annually, YouTube is the easiest, fastest, most profitable, and affordable way to get your product in front of consumers. YouTube ads are 84% more likely to hold viewer attention than TV ads. With over a billion users worldwide, YouTube, the audience isn’t only there; they are open to learning about your product. 70% of shoppers are open to learning about products directly from brands via YouTube.

The best way to take advantage of food marketing with YouTube ads is with the use of in-stream ads. These are the ads that show before the actual video that the user is there to watch. There is a skip ad button in the bottom right that pops up after 5 seconds as well as a call to action button in the bottom left that is usually a link to the product’s website. The beauty of these ads is that you do not pay unless the user watches more than 30 seconds of your commercial or clicks on the call to action link. This means that you are not paying for an ad that people are just going to skip.

Creating an Efficient Ad

Some tips for creating the most efficient ad include getting rid of the ‘non-clickers’ first. These are the people who are not interested in your product. The best way to achieve this is to make it very clear in the first 5-10 seconds of your ad who this ad is targeting and what the intent of your product is.

Focusing on Finding the Right Audience

It is also essential to get your ad in front of the right audience. Start with remarketing. Target recent cart abandoners (14 days and fewer)  and a reorder campaign first. The goal with cart abandoners should be to recover 10-15% of customers who abandoned your product. 60 to 80% of all carts are abandoned. This will be a significant number.  As for the reorder campaign, target the customers who have already purchased the product. Show them and engaging ad with an offer right around the time in which they should be reordering.

There are two other strategies in making sure your ad is reaching the right people. You are creating a custom intent audience or a custom affinity audience. A custom intent audience is taking a consumer’s search behavior and building an audience around it. You can grow the audience over any Google search, such as a similar product, a problem, etc. Secondly, a custom affinity audience is created by giving Google a list of 5-10 URLs that you think in which your customers would be interested. Google will build an audience of people who are like those who visited those sites.

Even if you do not see a massive number in your click-through rate (clicking on your call to action link) don’t worry. Most people won’t click the ad right at that moment, but searches for the brand will increase because the ad resonates with them and they will search for the product or brand later on, which shows Food Marketing with YouTube Ads will lead to more website traffic.

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