Influencer Marketing for Your Food Brand

Influencer Marketing for your food brand is getting hotter by the second and, if used correctly, can be an excellent marketing investment

Social media platforms have turned into more than just social media platforms; they have evolved into excellent marketing platforms. A form of social media marketing that is becoming more and more popular is influencer marketing for your food brand.

The single most important reason why influencer marketing for your food brand is important is simple; it works. Consumers tend not to trust traditional ads, but they do trust people. And to be more precise, consumers trust people of authority.

    • Influencer marketing is the fastest growing and most cost-effective channel. (Tomoson)
    • Word of mouth generates 2x the sales of paid advertising. (McKinsey)
    • Customers acquired through word-of-mouth have a 37% higher retention rate. (Deloitte)
    • Businesses make $6.50 for every dollar invested in influencer marketing. (Tomoson)
    • 81% of marketers who have used influencer marketing judged it to be effective. (Burgess)(Image source)

Brands do, however, need to be selective and aware when picking out an influencer for their product. Making sure the message that the influencer puts out feels genuine is vital. If the message does not seem genuine, it will come across as similar to any other paid promotion or advertisement. Brands should also research the influencer† to make sure that their following matches up with your product’s target audience.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about influencer marketing for your food brand, please reach out to the NewPoint team. If you are interested in more food marketing topics, please visit our Food for Thought page or check out NewPoint’s Patrick Nycz’s book: Moving Your Brand Up the Food Chain.