Investor Pitch Deck 101 for Food Brands

Will Your Food Brand Need an Investor Pitch Deck?

Investor pitch decks draw from many of the same concepts we advise you to include in your food buyer pitch decks. The main difference is that instead of getting on the food retail shelf, you are asking for funding—or a cash infusion. One thing investors have in common with food buyers: meetings with investor pitch deckthem are in very high demand.

Make no mistake: A pitch is about positioning for partnership.

Funding comes with partnership—and brand equity.

No matter what stage your startup is in when pitching to investors, you are also inviting a partnership. So the “pitch” is to add a partner that literally buys into the brand’s vision for growth. In exchange for funding, you are giving a percentage of the equity of your food brand.

Punchy & Pithy

An investor pitch deck gets to the point fast and is not very long. Ideally, we look for 10 to 12 slides to review in under 2 minutes.

Like our advice for the retail food pitch deck, you need to demonstrate your category expertise.

But unlike doing a deep dive on trends and competitive research, keep your investor pitch focused on brand growth, sales potential, and how you plan to get there.

Your investor pitch deck narrative needs to accomplish 2 things:

1. Tell Your Story

2. Show how the investor (and funding) will help

Financial Projections

Start with this in mind: What does an investor need to know to fully (and quickly) understand your business plan?  Success is measured in many ways, but all investors will be looking for the KPIs and metrics that demonstrate market share growth and brand sales. Bring your “A” game and have the funding figure you need and what you would do with it.

Keep the narrative flowing toward the funding ask:

Why This Product Now > Current Growth Metrics > Team > Vision & Projection > How Funding Will Help

Don’t Forget the “Ask.”

A good pitch deck can do wonders in telling your story and selling your brand but don’t forget why you are there: secure the investment. You worked hard to land this meeting, so make sure you respect the investor’s time and make a formal, educated “ask.”

Good Luck! As always, please reach out to my team or me if you are looking for help creating a food brand investor pitch deck or anything related to marketing you see in these posts!

Keep Moving Your Brand Up the Food Chain!

Patrick Nycz
Founding President