Kentucky Legend

Beloved product + celebrity chefs + big-time TV networks = massive brand exposure.

As America’s #1 boneless ham and sliced turkey brand, Kentucky Legend is always looking for cost-effective tactics for advertising on a national scale. TV is one medium that can offer a lot of brand-exposure bang for the marketing buck. Time and again, this leading brand has turned to NewPoint to assist in securing and coordinating TV airtime for cooking segments, particularly in the run-up to sales-critical holidays and events, like Easter, Thanksgiving and the Super Bowl.

These TV appearances often come in the form of Satellite Media Tours, in which a segment filmed in one location gets circulated and replayed on dozens of TV stations across the country in key metro markets from Jacksonville, FL, to Seattle, WA. Whether it’s Food Network’s George Duran sharing his favorite glaze for Christmas hams or cookbook author Jamie Gwen demoing the perfect appetizer for a 4th of July barbecue, NewPoint collaborates with TV network producers and celebrity chefs to negotiate contracts, select appropriate endorsers for the brand’s target audience, coach them on messaging, and amplify the TV appearance both before and after on digital and social channels.

Kentucky Legend (Advertising + Media)
Kentucky Legend (Advertising + Media)

Between live TV airing and internet replay, each branded cooking segment has garnered anywhere from 20 million to a 250 million impressions for the Kentucky Legend. Strategic, budget-friendly product placement on TV is a large part why Kentucky Legend maintains its coast-to-coast lead in the ham and turkey categories.

Project Components:

• Advertising services • TV advertising • Satellite media tours • Content syndication • Endorsements • Product placement • Partnerships • Social media • Paid social • Website design

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