Kentucky Legend

America’s #1 ham brand has, season after season, looked to NewPoint for multiple in-stadium sports advertising campaigns.

A winning way for brands to endear themselves to a core customer segment? Root for the same sports team.

Kentucky Legend—the makers of the bestselling boneless ham and turkey in the nation—have repeatedly turned to NewPoint to execute this strategy in partnership with elite teams like the University of Kentucky Wildcats, University of Louisville Cardinals, and the NFL’s Tennessee Titans.

For each sports environment, we developed multiple campaign concepts, each geared toward the home crowd’s psychographics, for the client to choose from.

Then we executed the favorite campaign across a range of creative, including radio, print, digital in-stadium signage and social media.

Kentucky Legend (Advertising + Sports)
Kentucky Legend (Advertising + Sports)

In addition to generating hundreds of thousands of brand exposures and solidifying Kentucky Legend as a bona fide gameday ingredient, these strategically executed sports sponsorships are the perfect play call for converting loyal sports fans into loyal brand fans within the span of a single season.

Kentucky Legend (Advertising + Sports)

Project Components:

• Sports sponsorships • Brand campaign development • Radio advertising • Print • Outdoor advertising • Social media • Sweepstakes, contests and giveaways • Brand budgeting