Indiana Packers Corporation

The largest employer in Carroll County turned to NewPoint to optimize its open enrollment period for employee benefits.

A premium pork producer based in the Midwest, Indiana Packers Corporation (IPC) has experienced 30 years of continuous business growth, in no small part due to its dedicated workforce of 3,000+ team members. But, because IPC is located near other premium manufacturing companies, attracting and retaining talent is an ongoing challenge. To support talent retention, IPC turned to NewPoint to market its benefits programs internally in the hopes that IPC employees would recognize the full value of their total compensation.

Indiana Packers HR Open Enrollment

Employee benefits can be boring: lots of fine print that makes you want to set your brochure aside and never come back to it. NewPoint’s first task to inspire IPC employees to take interest. We did that by creating the IncomeMAX™ concept that challenged employees to think beyond just their paycheck. That concept, in turn, informed the core messaging across the direct mail piece, benefits microsite and employee benefits guidebook we created to encourage employees to maximize their income by seeing their benefits as a major part of their “personal bottom line.”

Indiana Packers HR Open Enrollment

Prior to 2020’s Open Enrollment Period, only about 2-3% of IPC employees were enrolled in the company’s low premium, high deductible plan option—the option that provides the most cost-effective healthcare coverage for both employees and the company. After 2020’s Open Enrollment Period, that number jumped to approximately 49 – a nearly 1700% increase.

Project Components:

• Direct mail • Website development • Social media • Print media

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