Gilman Cheese

This leading manufacturer of processed cheese looked to level up its marketing to achieve new sales goals.

Since 1948, the Wisconsin-based Gilman Cheese Company has combined expert craftsmanship and premium ingredients to prove it’s among the crème de la crème of processed cheese manufacturers.

With a new investment team behind the wheel and ambitious new sales goals on the table, Gilman sought out NewPoint in 2020 for counsel in crafting a robust B2B channel marketing and sales-support plan.

With the aggressive aim to 2x its revenue in the next four years, Gilman tasked NewPoint with defining its Unique Selling Proposition as it related to its most important clientele: private-label businesses. After a deep dive into industry research plus numerous interviews with Gilman’s clients as well as other industry experts, NewPoint was able to clarify the sweet spot where Gilman’s strengths and its customers’ needs most critically overlapped.

Gilman Cheese

With a clearly defined USP now informing coherent messaging across their B2B marketing and other sales materials, Gilman was now able to stride more confidently into some sales-meeting doors that its new pitch decks and product guide helped open.

Gilman Cheese

Project Components:

• B2B marketing • Brand development • Pitch decks • Branded sales materials • Product guide • Photography

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