Indiana Kitchen

A regional pork powerhouse was already ahead of the consumer-trend curve. It just needed a campaign to let people know.

Based in Delphi, IN, Indiana Kitchen is a retail brand of premium pork products sold across the Midwest. With fresh pork, hams and a bacon that is so good it has its own annual bacon fest, customer loyalty, especially in its home state, was already quite strong. The brand’s next goals were to, one, really “own its backyard” and, two, increase market share in neighboring states.

Previous focus-group research had proven that positive associations with Indiana were strongly held not only by Hoosiers (no surprise there) but also by other Midwesterners. At a time when transparency, authenticity and honesty about your supply chain were becoming consumers’ chief concerns with the food industry, a multi-year brand campaign that highlighted Indiana Kitchen’s network of farm families and other business partners made a whole lot of sense.

Indiana Kitchen (Branding)

After extensive interviews with Indiana Kitchen farm-suppliers and foodservice clients, the “My Brand Is Indiana” campaign came to life across video, social, web, radio, coupons, print ads, in-store advertising and more. Consistently, campaign elements told stories showing the unique value that Indiana—and by extension, Indiana Kitchen—brings to the table. Is it any wonder that two years into the campaign Indiana Kitchen’s bacon would be named the “best in the state”? We like to think not.

Indiana Kitchen (Branding)

Project Components:

• Branding • Market research • Campaign development • Brand budgeting • Sales materials • Website design • Video production • Radio advertising • Mass print media • Social media content creation • Paid social • Email marketing • Shopper marketing

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