Indiana Pickle Company

They’re not making your grandma’s pickles. They needed a marketing strategy that wasn’t your grandma’s, either.

Based in Indianapolis, the Indiana Pickle Company makes small, artisanal batches of vegetables and fruits pickled in boozy brines. Its claim to fame is making those boozy brines with local craft beer or spirits. With an almost cultlike following (and deservedly so!), Indiana Pickle quickly outgrew its farmer-market-only status. Looking to expand its brand with new sales channels, Indiana Pickle turned to NewPoint in 2017 for direction.

Indiana Pickles

With an e-commerce platform ready to go, Indiana Pickles tasked NewPoint with driving online sales via social media. We created a 3-month calendar of sales-oriented posts and videos for Facebook and Instagram, all pushed to a highly refined target audience based on interests that aligned with Indiana Pickles’ product, price-point, shipping constraints, craft-beer affinity and clean-label profile.

Indiana Pickles

Under NewPoint’s social media leadership, Indiana Pickles’ online sales jumped +455% compared to its previous monthly average. The Indy startup also earned some coveted media attention and caught Target’s eye, securing shelf-space as a highlighted product in Indy-area Targets’ local section.

Indiana Pickles

Project Components:

• Paid social • Social content calendar planning • Content creation (copy & graphics) • Content scheduling and posting • Customer response management • Social optimization • Social reporting • Social advertising campaigns

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