Planning Your CPG Brand’s Social Media Calendar | Part 2

The 2nd step in planning your CPG brand’s social media calendar outline for the whole year focuses on events. Remember that the goal is to have everything already thought out so you’ll just need to create your content when you have more details. After you’ve outlined all relevant holidays with thoughts on how to incorporate them into your brand story, we can move on to step 2…

Pencil Events into Your CPG Social Media Calendar

Continue to fill in your calendar with other events that you know are coming up. It’s ok if you don’t have exact dates. Remember that this is an outline, and you can fill in/create content a few months in advance of posting.

Here are some examples of events posts for your CPG social media calendar:

National or Regional media appearances

Note any media appearances your brand may make throughout the year, and be sure to post “Tune in for….[Insert promo]” Or “In case you missed it last week….[Insert recording]”.

Sports sponsorships

Sports fans are the biggest, well, fans there are. Be sure to capitalize on your sports sponsorships by boosting your co-branded content to your sports fans.

Charitable Events/Partnerships

Tagging non-profits in donation announcements isn’t tooting your own horn—consider this a way to bring more awareness to their cause. The Farmer’s Dog sets a great example of doing this right.


Local Events

Consider boosting posts about your involvement in local events to consumers within a 25-mile radius of the event to make local consumers aware of your community involvement.

Stay tuned for Part 3 of Planning Your CPG Brand’s Social Media Calendar!

Finally, if you’d like to learn more about how to optimize your social media with your marketing plan, we can help! Please reach out to the NewPoint team. If you are interested in more food marketing topics, please visit our Food for Thought page or check out NewPoint’s Patrick Nycz’s book: Moving Your Brand Up the Food Chain.