Private Label Food Channel Marketing Programs

Private label channel marketing program to grow sales and margins

The food industry is NewPoint’s sole focus. For clarification, I intentionally did not say food “marketing” is the focus. I mean: INDUSTRY. That translates a team of markers who understand that consumer is significant but increased sales can mean a considerable volume play for a food brand – whether you have a stand-alone operation or use a co-packer. This post includes discussion points to build out a channel marketing program to support private label sales.

Private Label Marketing: Some of the largest NewPoint food clients employ our deep food industry B2B marketing expertise to grow their private label business.

Private Label Help Brands Maximize Profits: Even though they may have strong retail and foodservice sales, the most successful food manufacturers know private label sales contribute to increased volumes which optimizes production processes and leads. to lower cost-per-unit which in turn helps maximize profits.

Strategic B2B marketing program to drive leads and sales

Programs should start with your customized private label sales message development. This is an audience-specific sales messaging development that details your unique value proposition to answer the question: Why your food company over the competition?

Audience-specific messaging

Each organization looking to add new products (like your food product) to its brand portfolio may need an industry-specific message including:

  • National food brands or companies looking for brand extension
  • Retailers looking to add products to house brand label
    • Supermarket / Grocery / C-Store
  • Foodservice/institutions/hospitality sector looking to add cheese products to programs
      • Restaurant/hotel chains
      • Jail/hospital/
      • University & colleges
      • Theme parks
      • Sporting venues
  • Other – for exploration
    • Specialty gift and fundraiser industry
    • Schools / Not-For-Profit sector

Reach target audience(s) & invite engagement

The goal is to drive qualified leads to your sales team with proven lead generation tactical programs:

  • Sales collateral
  • Email marketing
  • Digital, social media & LinkedIn
  • PLMA trade show

Annualized marketing program to drive sales leads

A good, sales-focused food industry marketing firm should collaborate with your leadership and sales teams to create actionable, custom programming to facilitate growth while:

  • Leveraging your initial investment in developing a lead generation program
  • Creating a marketing plan that syncs with your sales organization
  • Driving the marketing plan
  • Tracking and reporting on lead generation programs
  • Managing budgets and ROI

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about how to grow sales and margins in new channels like Private Label, please reach out to the NewPoint team. If you are interested in more food marketing topics, please visit our Food for Thought page or check out my book: Moving Your Brand Up the Food Chain.