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Register for access to this exclusive food buyers’ roundtable interview from NewPoint Marketing’s fall 2017 Food Brands Forum, held on the campus of Purdue University.

The event’s keynote presentation featured purchasing executives from Martin’s Supermarkets, Fresh Thyme Farmer’s Market and several other leading Midwest food retail chains and distributors.

Together, they all provided a treasure of straight-up candid and highly informative answers to all the hot-button questions on the minds of aspiring food manufacturers like you, including:

  • What does your retail chain like to see in a new product?
  • What is the best way for emerging food entrepreneurs to stand out in a deep field of established brands?
  • How important is a supplier’s ability to produce a private-label product?
  • How do your best food manufacturing partners demonstrate category expertise?

— And much more.


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Applause for NewPoint’s Food Brand Forum 2017

The Roundtable was a really helpful session with practical application.

Very Informative! I enjoyed the wide range of professional panelists.

The Panel gave good positive advice for our business and products.

Excellent Questions! Great opportunities for all parties in attendance!