B2B Marketing Services

Why B2B Marketing Services?

B2B marketing services are a whole different ball game for the food and beverage industry than CPG marketing.

Marketing is an essential part of any business, whether business-to-business (B2B) or business-to-consumer (B2C). But it is worth noting that business-to-business marketing services are an essential foundation to every industry and category from world-renowned CPG brands like Pepsi, Hostess Twinkies, or Jif Peanut Butter. That’s because every well-known brand starts with a B2B sale to the retail buyer.

In fact, most of the CPG business is done before a branded product hits the shelf and converts to a B2C sale. By the way, if we want to look at it literally, the “B” in B2C is the retailer that sells that branded product, not the manufacturer. So to get the retailer, the manufacturer makes a B2B sale to the retailer. So that sale, and every single B2B sale that comes before it to make that branded product, is where NewPoint comes in.

Maximize Your Sales Channels

From retail, grocery, and convenience to the foodservice, private label, and all channels in between, NewPoint knows that almost every sale in the food and beverage industry starts with a B2B conversation.

The food buyer’s target audience is often a key decision-maker with a particular set of business needs. For example, a food buyer sourcing for a meal kit has vastly different needs than a buyer sourcing for hospitality, airline, or institutions like education and healthcare channels.

Then there’s the complex reality that you’re trying to market a mix of both goods and services simultaneously.

And with your customer’s bottom line being their end-all-be-all, your B2B marketing position and sales approach needs to prioritize relevance over awareness, rational appeals over emotional ones, and relationship-building over all else.

NewPoint understands these differences well. That’s why some of our longest-tenured clients leverage our B2B marketing services to get placed in almost every top retail and quick-serve chain in the nation—from Walmart and 7-11 to Subway and OutBack.

If you’re an established B2B food and beverage company or a CPG food and beverage brand looking to add B2B sales channels to your business, NewPoint is ready to assist in a turnkey fashion.

We adapt to your B2B marketing needs, with the ability to offer high-level strategy, market research, and integrated channel marketing plans on the one hand, or, on the other hand, arm your sales team with branded sales collateral and other marketing assets as needed.



Increase earnings across the food industry by implementing B2B marketing and sales tactics across all distribution channels to maximize growth and develop a balanced sales portfolio.

Distribution Channels for Food Products Include:

• Retail • C-Store • Foodservice • Private Label • Institutional & Bulk • Online Amazon / Direct

Private Label Marketing

Most NewPoint food and beverage agency clients employ our deep food industry B2B marketing expertise to grow their private label business. Even though they may have strong retail and foodservice sales, the most successful food manufacturers know private label sales contribute to increased volumes, optimizing production processes and leads, and lower cost-per-unit, which helps maximize profits.

Foodservice Marketing

Non-retail sales can increase the volume of materials to purchase, lowering prices and maximizing production, whether you run a stand-alone plant or utilize a co-packer. NewPoint’s marketing staff understands this.

If you do not sell directly into restaurant chains, distributors can be the key to a strong foodservice sales strategy. Like any good collaboration, a distributor will appreciate it if you develop ways to help them sell your products. Both scenarios require a strong B2B marketing strategy that starts with a NewPoint marketing toolkit.


Strategic B2B marketing programs to drive leads and sales

Programs should start with your customized private label sales message development. This audience-specific sales messaging development details your unique value proposition to answer the question: Why choose your food company over the competition?

Your Integrated Marketing Plan as B2B Marketing Services ToolBox

The primary goal of an integrated marketing plan is to increase market share. Another aspect is to align your sales and marketing teams and get them on the same page with scheduled deliverables like pitch decks, trade shows, and the other tactics in your B2B marketing services toolkit.

B2B pitch deck: Think of your retail selling story as making a good argument.

When it comes to business-to-business (B2B) purchases, buyers aren’t sitting there waiting for your presentation. So the pitch deck is an essential–and crucial–aspect of the sales process for food brands. A unique retail selling story is what this is all about. A successful brand pitch deck secures the first order.

Trade Show and Event Marketing

Tradeshows and hosting events are expensive. A lot is riding on a successful show. From renting the space, display costs, shipping costs, travel costs, accommodation costs, etc. However, the NewPoint team has a strong track record of making the biggest impact and return on investment by following a few key rules: Identifying the most important message your primary audience needs to know, keeping your presentation simple and inviting, and above all – do not be boring.

NewPoint B2B Marketing Services

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