For both CPG and B2B food and beverage companies, branding is that special X-factor.

“The art of becoming knowable, likeable and trustable” is how John Jantsch describes branding in his book Duct Tape Marketing. That’s a pretty good definition.

Brand is the message.

According to the American Marketing Association, the official definition of a brand is anything that helps convince potential buyers to remain loyal to your product or company, such as your logo, symbol, name, or design. Powerful branding can even triumph over product taste.

Branding is why soda drinkers continue to buy Coca-Cola even after they voted Pepsi in the blind taste test.

It’s the mental real estate your company is able to stake out in the consumer’s mind that makes them want to choose you every time.

Solid, strategic branding answers the hard questions: who are you as a business? What sets your food or foodservice apart? Whom should you be trying to appeal to? And where do their interests and your offerings align?

In turn, that foundational brand work can help you make smart marketing moves and other business decisions.

Lucky for you, NewPoint can help you answer those questions. From the big, blue-sky thinking about brand positioning to the nitty-gritty of a coherent visual identify, voice, and marketing tactics, we have a long history of teaming with food and beverage companies to help them evolve into the next great version of themselves.

NewPoint Branding Services

  • Brand strategy
  • Market research
  • Product or business naming
  • Logo design
  • Packaging design
  • Brand campaign development
  • Brand budgeting
  • Branded sales materials

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