Shopper Journey – Consumer Advocacy Stage

Shopper Journey – Consumer Advocacy Stage

If you succeeded at creating an exceptional experience that consumers love, the consumer advocacy stage will lead them to share about it. These consumers become brand advocates and brand loyalists.

The Fifth Shopper Journey Stage

Consumers loved your product and your customer service team! You’ve succeeded in going beyond what they expected and now they want to share how your product made them feel. The common way consumer advocacy occurs is via review sites such as Google or your retailers’ pages. Your customers might comment on your brand’s social media or their own social media pages. Word-of-mouth advertising is the backbone of consumer advocacy. This can start the shopper journey for other consumers that see the reviews.

Just think about the time-honored Coke vs. Pepsi debate. There are people who refuse to drink Coke and others who refuse to drink Pepsi, simply because they have a brand affinity and are loyal to one brand over the other.

There you have it, folks. The shopper journey is complete! After noticing a coupon, the consumer became aware of the product, considered it, made the decision to purchase, had a positive experience, and had to advocate for it.

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