Shopper Journey – Consumer Consideration Stage

Shopper Journey – Consumer Consideration

We recently covered the first stage of the shopper journey, the awareness stage. After the consumer becomes aware of the product, they enter into the next stage, consumer consideration.

The Second Shopper Journey Stage – Consumer Consideration

Think back to the recent holidays as you were preparing to purchase items for a festive holiday gathering. Maybe you already had some of your favorites in mind such as Butterball Turkey, Pepperidge Farm Classic Stuffing, and Pillsbury crescent rolls. Believe it or not, you are already in the consumer consideration stage. With a plethora of choices, consumers tend to fall back on brands that are tried and true.

What does this mean for new food brands?

Don’t worry; new or upcoming food brands aren’t off the consumer purchase list just yet! According to, a consumer’s product list may actually grow in numbers rather than dwindle along the shopper journey stages. Because consumers are always researching, they gain an awareness of products they may not have considered or known about in the past. A variety of marketing tactics are out there to help advance the consumer from one stage to the next, ultimately leading to a purchase.

Consumer Consideration Scenario

Let’s go back to that holiday dinner as an example… Your favorites are on the list, but you recently discovered a coupon for $3.00 off a Kroger turkey. Hmm. You might dig a bit deeper and find that, indeed, Kroger’s turkey has some pretty decent reviews. Perhaps you might even consider it… 😉 Because a coupon generates an incentive and a way to invite trial, it is a great marketing tactic for the consumer consideration stage.

Coupons are just one way to advance to the consumer consideration stage in the shopper journey. And ultimately, to consider purchasing your product over a competitor’s. Other marketing tactics include in-app offers, sales, demos, and Pinterest inspiration. Please reach out to the NewPoint team to determine which marketing tactics will work best with your food brand’s goals!

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