Shopper Journey – Consumer Experience Stage

Shopper Journey – Consumer Experience Stage

So our shopper has decided to buy the product, but now they will actually use the product, hence the consumer experience stage in our shopper marketing journeyFood brands can help ensure a consumer has a positive experience with their products. Doing so means helping consumers have a positive experience by providing stellar customer service; beyond what is expected by consumers.

The Fourth Shopper Journey Stage

If you recall from our earlier additions in this series, the consumer has become aware of products, considered them, decided to make a purchase, and is now ready to try out and experience the product. Let’s go back to our holiday shopping trip from our previous blog… Our consumer decided to purchase a private label turkey with less sodium. Yikes, that less sodium label reminds our consumer that the recipe they typically use has a lot of salt in it. This year, they want to try something new. Where would they go first? More often than not, the internet!

Website Experience

Your website will be one of the top places your consumer will look for recipes; since it’s your product they’re cooking! Having recipes on your website is a great way to encourage use of your products. It also encourages consumers to experience your products in new ways, hopefully leading to repeat purchases.

Social Media Experiences

We’ve discussed many times the importance of social media, but we haven’t yet discussed social media as a method of customer service. You could include giveaways in your social media content, host a Question + Answer session, and offer new ways for your audience to experience your brand and the products you offer. Giving consumers more than they expect is a great way to ensure a positive consumer experience with your brand!

Social media also provides a personal, and quick way to remedy any issues consumers have. Unfortunately, negative consumer experiences may happen and someone may message you asking for a solution. By listening to the consumer, actively trying to find a solution, and engaging with the consumer, your food brand can help turn a negative consumer experience into a positive one. Remember, people remember how you make them feel.

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