Untap the Incredible Sales Potential of Shopper Marketing

If you’re in the food and beverage industry, chances are you’ve heard of shopper marketing.

The term encompasses a dizzying array of marketing tactics, including, for example . . .

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  • Product packaging
  • Coupon dispensers
  • Sampling demos
  • Floor advertisements
  • End-cap displays
  • Load-to-card digital coupons
  • Shelf talkers
  • Personal check-out coupons
  • Circular advertisements
  • Cart/basket advertising
  • Geotargeted social media ads
  • Digital ads
  • Recipes
  • Retailer shopper programs
  • Free-standing inserts (FSIs)

. . . and more!

Guide to Shopper Marketing | Download eBook

Used strategically,

these shopper marketing tactics can reach customers at critical moments during the shopper journey to create a powerful sales-growth engine for your food and beverage brand.

But when? and where? and how? In Own the Cart, seasoned marketing pro Stephanie Bossung demystifies the process of launching your own shopper marketing program.

Guide to Shopper Marketing | Download eBook

Is this eBook for you?

Own the Cart is intentionally written to benefit professionals in the food & beverage industry, like . . .

Food brand managers, Marketing directors, Sales reps & other Creative Agencies looking to strengthen their expertise

Chapter 1:

Understanding the Shopper Journey

Chapter 2:

Aligning the Shopper Marketing Trifecta

Chapter 3:

Understanding Your Shopper

Chapter 4:

Developing Your Shopper Marketing Plan

Chapter 5:

Targeting Your Shopper in the Digital Age

Chapter 6:

Digital Shopper Marketing

About the Author

Stephanie Bossung

Stephanie Bossung is the Vice President of Account Services & Media Lead for NewPoint Marketing, a full-service marketing agency that assists clients in the food and beverage industry. With more than a decade of experience in branding and business development and another decade working in mass media and promotions, Stephanie possesses executive-level expertise that commands attention.

In Own the Cart, Stephanie shares her best shopper marketing insights, accumulated during a career where she’s worked with some of the biggest food brands and retailers out there. Whether it’s prepping far ahead of seasonal sales surges, integrating shopper marketing into a larger, more comprehensive marketing plan or aligning the all-important trifecta of stakeholders (i.e. marketers, sales and retailers), Stephanie’s advice will ultimately have you squeezing more bang out of your marketing buck.

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