Store Checks for Food Marketing Research

Store Checks as an Effective Market Research Tactic

Market research is a crucial aspect of marketing that can help any brand gain a competitive advantage. When conducting store checks, one must first look for where the brand’s product is placed on the supermarket shelves in comparison to their competitors. Along with product placement, another aspect that one should look for is where one’s eyes are drawn to. As a food brand, it is essential to be able to draw the consumer’s eye to your product when very similar products from your competitors surround it. This is where product differentiation through packaging comes into play. Whether a brand establishes this differentiation through a unique color scheme to make the product pop or establishing brand identity through a logo on the packaging, the end goal is drawing the consumer to your product. One brand could have the lowest price, but if the packaging of the product is unappealing or it is placed out of the direct eyesight of the customer, it could be missing out on a lot of sales.

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