The Value of Social Media Marketing for Your Food Brand

The Value of Social Media Marketing for Your Food Brand & Establishing a Voice and Brand Through Social Media

Social media marketing for your food brand is one of the most efficient ways to build brand recognition. In today’s day and age, there are 157 million active users on Twitter every day (@TwitterIR). The audience is there for brands to rack up the impressions and build their brand. Establishing a consistent and unique voice for a brand’s social media is very important. A prime example of a company doing so is Wendy’s. They completely rebranded their social media in January of 2017 with a unique voice. This new voice was created to appeal to their millennial audience.

This new voice includes “talking trash” about competitors such as Burger King and engaging in friendly banter with people who talk bad about Wendy’s on Twitter. This is a perfect example of a company identifying a target audience, in this case, millennials, and then tailoring their tweets to the said audience to rack up the engagements.

This strategy may seem unprofessional or inappropriate to some, but it is working. Wendy’s Twitter is putting up high numbers since they started implementing this new social media voice. Since Wendy’s Twitter account started implementing this strategy, and this unique voice, their engagement has shot up. In early 2017 they have had a 35% increase in followers, which is about 350,000 net new followers (TwitterCounter). Undoubtedly, companies will follow Wendy’s footsteps, but they might end up on the wrong side of Wendy’s trash talk.

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