Three Key Social Media Mistakes to Avoid

Forgive us for the negativity here, but sometimes it’s best to know the No-No’s up front to have in mind when forming a social media strategy. Here are the three key social media mistakes to avoid:

Having no Intention

Of course, you should be posting on a regular basis, but you shouldn’t be posting just to post. Be sure to ask yourself: What do you want your followers to get out of this/do with this? Does it do one of the following:

  • Tell the story of the brand?
  • Create common ground between you and your audience?
  • Humanize your brand?
  • Make the audience feel like insiders?
  • Show them the value your brand provides?
  • Start a sales conversation?
  • Use testimonials as a way for your audience to connect/relate?
  • Ask the audience to interact with you in some way?

If your content answers any of the above with a “yes”, post away!


Making it perfect; rather than valuable

Remember, your audience wants to know who you are. This is particularly true in the world of facebook and instagram “stories”. Your audience didn’t come here for promos or to be sold to. Yes, they expect to see what products you’re offering, but if that’s all you’re posting about, you’ll lose them quickly! Not every story has to have a picture-perfect high production value, they just have to be relatable to your audience. Candid stories humanize your brand and make your audience feel like “insiders” or like they know you—it is much easier for them to connect with YOU, a person, first, which makes it that much easier for them to then fall in love with your brand.

When it comes to making sure things are buttoned-up and polished, focus your energy into making sure your posts have a cohesive look/feel, and a consistent “Brand Voice” to your copy. Posts can be planned out ahead of time to ensure your feed stays harmonious and beautiful.


Not telling a story

Again, this is especially true when using “stories” on Facebook or Instagram. All stories, whether being told in person or through social media, should have a beginning, middle, end. Don’t leave your audience hanging. If you want to know more about stories, you’re in luck because we’re about to do a whole series of blogs dedicated to the topic. Stick around.


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