TikTok Sales: Brands Capitalize with #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt

#TikTokMadeMeBuyIt: Brands Capitalize on TikTok Sales

TikTok Sales
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TikTok sales? You have at least a passing familiarity with TikTok, regardless of whether you like it, dislike it, or are perplexed about what it is. But have you ever heard the expression becoming increasingly common, “TikTok made me buy it?”

On the site, it is most frequently used as a hashtag, which allows users to show off the most recent and most extraordinary things they have purchased as a direct result of word-of-mouth advertising they saw on the platform. However, this is also a description of a more general occurrence in which individuals are more willing to purchase products they observe being used.

More and more business owners and marketers grow interested in leveraging the platform as a brand begins to score more of these TikTok-influenced sales. But how exactly does one accomplish such a level of success? And what causes this occurrence to occur in the first place?

“As Seen on TV”

Experts in marketing are already drawing parallels between the “as seen on TikTok” craze and the “as seen on TV” phenomenon, both of which are immediately recognizable to most of us who are over a certain age. Infomercials and extended ads helped charismatic spokespeople demonstrate a relatively new and innovative product, demonstrating that it works to solve old problems or displaying what makes it distinct from other products on the market. The term “as seen on TV” would then be included on the product’s packaging by marketers so that customers would be reminded that this is the product that they saw on television.

The Generation of TikTok Users

The idea of TikTok sales isn’t entirely novel, but the phenomenon known as “TikTok made me buy it” is more of a recent development. So what about videos on TikTok makes them even more likely to encourage client purchases than the old-school infomercials that used to air on television?

  • Concise and quick to understand. Videos on this platform are designed to appeal to generations of individuals known for their short attention spans and lack of patience. This is not meant as a criticism; instead, it is merely a description of the current situation. It seems inevitable that our ability to concentrate for extended periods of time will deteriorate as our appetite for information and amusement grows ever more ravenous. Even just a short amount of time spent watching a video can provide us with information and entertainment today. Because of this, the quick-paced advertising on TikTok is perfect for audiovisual content. TikTok is an audiovisual platform combining the most compelling video and audio aspects to create a more immersive experience. And in contrast to commercials seen on television, the creators of these videos have access to a wide variety of tools that can improve the quality of their work in specific ways (for as, by adding filters or sound samples).
  • Dynamic. Videos shared on TikTok aren’t motionless in the same way that traditional TV adverts are. They instead have a dynamic nature. Companies can publish numerous distinct iterations of the same video and collaborate with well-known influencers to increase the video’s exposure.
  • Targeted. TikTok’s robust targeting options for marketers and advertisers are also a massive plus for the platform. For example, you don’t have to make your film available to practically everyone who uses the platform; instead, you can limit its distribution to the users who are most likely to make a purchase of your wares.

Advice for the Brand Marketers

How exactly do you capitalize on this situation? As a business owner, what actions can you take to make the most of this emerging trend in social media?

  • Use TikTok in a way that capitalizes on its strengths. TikTok should not be compared to other social media platforms in any way, shape, or form, first and foremost. It has very particular specifications for the format, a particular tone or personality, and a very particular type of user base. You need to play to the strengths of this platform if you want your advertisements to hit people and actually convince them to make a purchase. Improve the quality of your video’s audio and visual parts. Make sure that your video is as succinct and engaging as you possibly can. Use cutaways to keep the audience’s attention while you demonstrate the product’s versatility in various settings.
  • Get to know your audience in order to target them better. To no one’s surprise, about forty percent of TikTok’s user base comprises people younger than eighteen. You shouldn’t have any issue contacting your target audience if your product and your brand expressly target the demographic of young people. It is still very crucial to make use of the audience targeting options that are already integrated into TikTok. Because quality is more important than the number in the world of marketing and advertising, it is typically more beneficial to communicate with a small group of individuals who are relevant rather than with millions of people who are not relevant. Maintain the natural state. You should not film this video or place it like you would film a TV commercial or position it. Users go to TikTok not to hear a pitch for a product or service from a business; rather, they watch the platform because they want to be amused by real people. Maintaining an organic tone in your messaging is essential if you want to see an increase in how effectively you communicate. Show how your product is used in the real world, or even better, employ an influencer to do it for you. Neither option is as effective as the other.
  • Cross-promote. Through the use of cross-promotion, you will be able to improve not only the efficiency of your marketing plan for TikTok but also the efficiency of your other marketing methods. For example, draw more of your existing users onto TikTok, incentivize them to post videos about your product, and utilize TikTok to draw people to your other channels.

Regardless of how you feel about TikTok, it is pretty evident that this platform will not disappear anytime soon. TikTok is experiencing continuous growth in the number of users, and more tools are now available than ever for advertising and marketers. If you have a product that is interesting enough to demonstrate in use, it is probably worthwhile to launch your advertising campaign on TikTok and see how successful it is.

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