Top Foodservice Blogs + News Sources

How I Keep Updated in the Foodservice Industry…Yes, Foodservice Blogs.

This is by no means a definitive list of all the foodservice blogs and industry sources available. The sites discussed here are the ones I go to keep updated on what is new, trending, and happening in foodservice.

Staying up-to-date with the foodservice industry should not be complicated. You need to know what’s happening in the industry, but it’s hard enough to keep your foodservice business running, much less staying up-to-date on upcoming trends and news. One way to do this is by reading blogs, subscribing to industry newsletters, and following industry news.

Foodservice newsletters as industry news sources.

Newsletters are another great way to keep up with news and trends in the foodservice industry. You can subscribe to newsletters that cater to your specific field (like restaurants, schools, or hospitals), or you can subscribe to a newsletter that covers the entire foodservice industry.

Many foodservice distributors have newsletters that highlight trends to keep customers informed of new products and venues, methods of food preparation, among many other various types of topics.

Use blogs as resources topical foodservice news and opinions

Blog posts can be a great source of news, as well as business advice. Foodservice blogs are a great way to get tips, advice, and information about your industry. Blogs that focus on sectors important to your field—like the restaurant, hospitality, and institutional foodservice—to give users access to information that is tailored to their business. Subscribe to your favorites, if you haven’t already (I share some good ones below😀 ), and check them on a regular basis.

Start by checking out the list below. We are going through a “food blogging revolution” where anything goes—from food pictures to healthy creations, cooking experiences, and entertaining stories. So there are many ways to find food blogs. With the growing content, trend updates and time-saving technology are always on the horizon.

Start with Facts and Industry Support: National Restaurant Association (NRA)

The National Restaurant Association is site includes a blog that covers the latest news, trends, and events in the foodservice industry. The site also features an extensive directory of restaurants and foodservice companies around the country.

Opening with the annual State of the Restaurant Industry, this site serves as the go-to resource for restaurant and foodservice adjacent industries. The NRA is also the lobbying arm of the foodservice industry, so this is a great place to keep up with legislative and regulatory issues that affect your business. The NRA advocates on behalf of single-unit restaurants to the US-based operations of multi-national chains.

From training for ServSafe certificates to tech resources to research, education, and discounts on services and programs to support the foodservice industry, the NRA also hosts the most important and high-profile conference in the industry: National Restaurant Association Show. Be sure to check out the National Restaurant Association podcasts that feature stories behind the research, policy, and industry support.

Highlighting Restaurant Hospitality

Good advice can be hard to find unless you know exactly where to look. Fortunately for restaurant owners, there are some excellent resources in the form of blogs and podcasts. This website, published by Informa, provides restaurant industry blogs by a range of foodservice blogs on varied restaurant topics. for instance, regular topics include:

  • Trends
  • Food & Drink
  • People
  • Operations
  • Regions
  • Opinions
  • RH25 (Regional Powerhouses— highlighting companies with a growing portfolio of restaurant concepts)
  • Best Sandwiches in America
  • Best Cocktails in America
  • Coronavirus (Of course!)

Everyday read: Restaurant Dive

Although most NewPoint food and beverage agency clients have CPG retail products, they also target multiple channels, including foodservice…specifically large restaurant chains where one sale can represent a massive order and a potential long-term sales relationship.

it is in a food brand’s best interest to know what is happening in their customer’s world. Most restaurants are feeling a lot of pain, starting with the Covid-19 impact through the Great Resignation. More than just more foodservice blogs, a good example of the type of content one can expect from Restaurant Dive is The Restaurant Dive Outlook on 2022. Restaurants are getting squeezed on all sides, from wage hikes, labor shortages, supply chain stoppages, and inflation pressure.

To stay up-to-date, we recommend subscribing to Restaurant Dive’s regular news and trends updates delivered to your inbox on a regular basis. This free newsletter covers the below topics with an eye toward mid-to-large restaurant chains:

  • Consumer trends
  • Restaurant tech
  • Delivery & Pick-up
  • Marketing and branding
  • Foodservice operations
  • Policies and regulations

Modern Restaurant Management: More than Just Foodservice Blogs

With recent posts like “Technology Can Help Restaurants During ‘The Great Resignation,” and “The Restaurant Operator’s Dilemma in 2022: Automation Vs. Hospitality,” Modern Restaurant Management is a go-to for no-nonsense trends, news, and industry updates. Some of the articles we were sharing with NewPoint clients throughout the pandemic include: Reaching Out to Help Restaurants Recover and COVID-19 Case Study: Pivoting to Profit. This type of content is invaluable to all restaurants, from independents to multi-national chains.

Go Global with Mintel

Mintel is a research company that publishes great content in the food and beverage space with a category dedicated to foodservice blogs on a global level. Mintel provides research-based insights that can help understand cross-industry consumer trends and how they may impact the restaurant and hospitality space. And taking a global view can give perspective to what may be coming on a national or regional level.

Here are a few recent topics:

Foodservice Blogs: The “Need-to-Know” Intel to Drive Your Business

Staying up-to-date with the foodservice industry is an essential part of my business, which is running a food and beverage marketing agency for growth-minded brands.

Although I do not have time to surf all the top foodservice blogs I want to each day, I do sign up for their newsletters. I like them delivered weekly in a “top” post summary. I can skim or do a deep dive if I see something my clients need to know to help their business.

If you’d like to know more about how NewPoint Marketing helps food and beverage brands succeed in the foodservice space, please reach out via or contact page or, if you are comfortable selecting a day and time that best works for you, please check here to set up a call, Zoom, or Teams meeting.