What makes a quality website?

People search the internet for a multitude of things such as businesses, products, and services. The days of relying on phone books are long gone. When they search, you want your website to show up. This will be your first point of contact. You want their impression to be a positive one.

What helps make a strong, positive first impression?

A clean, well-organized, easy to navigate, modern, fresh, functional, fast, informative, and a branded website is what keeps people coming back.  This will help you effectively communicate with your audience. First, you need to find out what your audience is looking for and think through how to optimally represent that information on your website. Is your audience looking for business hours? Be sure to include that in the footer or a prominent location on your site. If your site’s goal is to sell your product(s), communicate why they should choose your products and where/how they can purchase them. If you’re unsure what your customers are looking for on your site, there are tools out there (e.g. Google Analytics) to help with that. You can use this data to see which pages/sections of your site are being viewed the most.

A quality website should be well polished! A few of the most common mistakes people make when setting up their website include typos, grammatical errors, and broken pages. Periodically go through all the content on your website to verify that it is functioning properly. Another crucial mistake people often make is not making sure that their website is mobile-friendly. A huge percentage of web-surfing happens on a mobile device—don’t miss out on these consumers!

One of the most important components of a quality website is fresh, updated content. Whether this is a blog or content on the website, make sure you are providing new information that will bring your customers back. By doing so, you’re ensuring your information is current and accurate. Google also favors fresh content over static content so it’ll help increase your ranking SEO wise as well.

Looking For Help?

Here at NewPoint, we cover all of the fundamentals, from foundational branding to crafting the perfect sales pitch. It’s crucial to have a website that communicates messaging for B2C and B2B. Contact NewPoint today to get on and stay on the shelf. Also check out NewPoint founder Patrick Nycz’s book: Moving Your Brand Up the Food Chain.