What’s in Your B2B Marketing Services ToolBox?

The Essential B2B Marketing Services ToolBox

If you want your B2B company to be more successful, you need a full B2B marketing services toolbox to support you. Marketing itself is crucial because it’s B2B Marketing Services ToolBoxthe only practical way to raise awareness of your brand and drive more purchases. But if you put all your eggs in one marketing basket, so to speak, you’re going to see inferior results.

What strategies should you include in your marketing toolbox? How can you get access to them? And what’s the best way to coordinate these strategies under one umbrella?

The Power of a Full Marketing Suite

Let’s start by exploring why it’s so powerful to have a full suite of marketing services available to you. Using many strategies, instead of just one or two, can help you in several ways:

  • Broader reach. For starters, tapping into many different marketing channels simultaneously will give you a broader reach. For example, you might be able to reach 10,000 people with social media posts, another 10,000 through search engine optimization (SEO), and another 10,000 people with a direct mail strategy. Because you’re using three strategies, you can now reach 30,000 people at once.
  • Brand unity. Keeping your brand consistent across multiple contexts strengthens the image and reputation of your brand. In addition, your audience is going to get used to your brand standards and become more familiar with them over time.
  • Repetition. In psychology, the mere exposure effect holds that repeated exposure to something increases preference. In other words, if people see your messaging repeatedly and in many different contexts, they will be much more likely to remember and value it. Incorporating an omnichannel approach with a full suite of marketing services allows you to take advantage of this and appeal to more people more strongly.
  • Tactic diversification. Utilizing many different marketing strategies is also a way of diversifying your marketing strategy portfolio, so to speak. Just like in investing, it’s a bad idea to put all your eggs in one basket; if you’re only using one strategy and that strategy fails, you’ll end up wasting money. But if you pursue ten different strategies and one of them fails, you’re not going to be out much.
  • Working With a B2B Marketing Agency

The best way to take advantage of a B2B marketing services toolbox is to work with a B2B marketing agency.

Working with an in-house team can give you more control and make you more comfortable, but you might spend too much money on salaries. On top of that, you’ll probably be working with generalists rather than specialists, so you won’t be able to tap into the full power of dedicated expertise. Beyond that, you’ll be in charge of selecting all your most essential strategies alone – and if you don’t have much marketing experience, you might make bad selections.

Working with a team of freelancers is also possible, but freelancers are hard to find and tend to be less reliable than marketing agencies. Again, you’ll be burdened with the responsibility of selecting all the right marketing strategies and learning them for your brand.

With a marketing agency, you can eliminate the guesswork; your marketing agency will work with you directly to find the right combination of strategies for your brand. On top of that, the average agency has access to dozens, if not hundreds, of specialists who can help you make the most of your essential strategies.

Your B2B Marketing Services ToolBox

So what should be included in your B2B marketing services toolbox?

These are some of the most important strategies:

  • Lead generation. There are many ways to practice lead generation, including some methods further down this list. No matter what, you’ll need an overarching strategy for how to generate leads. What is a quality lead, and what are the best channels to find them?
  • Pitch deck creation. You’ll need a solid retail pitch deck backing your brand if you’re making pitches for retail stores. Creating one from scratch can be difficult, especially if you’re unsure how to persuade your target audience effectively.
  • Web design and preparation. For most major brands, the center of all your marketing strategies is a website, where you can funnel all traffic and keep your most important content and assets. How do you design and prepare a website effectively?
  • Landing page optimization. Individual landing pages make it easier to generate leads and sales. But how do you create those landing pages and optimize them for conversions?
  • SEO. Your landing pages and website won’t be very effective without the help of a traffic generation strategy. One of the best available is search engine optimization (SEO), which allows you to increase your visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs). In other words, you’ll appeal to people while they’re searching for keywords related to your brand.
  • PPC ads. Another powerful traffic generation strategy is pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. As the name suggests, you’ll only pay for the traffic you actually generate – and you can optimize your ads over time or higher quality and clickthrough rates.
  • Social media marketing. Social media can be a very cost-effective way for brands to reach practically unlimited audiences.
  • Tradeshow and event marketing. Tradeshow and event marketing are still staples for millions of brands.

The Importance of Customization

One more important thing to note here is the importance of customization. In this guide, we’ve talked about the increased power of a complete marketing suite, the value of working with a marketing agency, and some of the most important strategies in your B2B marketing services toolbox. But this is not intended to be a static prescription for all businesses.

Some businesses are going to benefit from some strategies more than others. Some may not even need a B2B marketing agency. What’s important is that you design the suite of marketing services that will be the most effective for your brand.

From shopper marketing to tradeshow and event marketing, NewPoint Marketing has a complete B2B marketing services toolbox. So if you’re ready to get started with a more robust B2B marketing campaign, or if you’re just looking for some more information, contact us for a free consultation today!